We haven’t yet seen too many apps that can stream content to Chromecast dongles, but all that is likely to change over the next month or two as Google has scheduled a Chromecast ‘hackathon’ at its Mountain View HQ next month, reports Engadget.

Google has invited several developers including CyanogenMod / AirCast dev Koushik Dutta and Thomas Kjeldsen to a hackathon on December 7th and 8th in Mountain View. An opportunity to test drive the “upcoming release” of the Cast SDK is promised, plus an opportunity to talk with Google engineers about what it can do … 

The $35 dongle has so far been limited to streaming content from a small number of apps on a mobile device to a TV, including Netflix, YouTube, HBO, Hulu and Pandora. With developers allowed to create official apps for the device, we can expect a lot more to follow.

The Chromecast control app also got a small update, including getting the now-familiar Google side-tray.

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One Response to “Expect more Chromecast apps soon as Google schedules hackathon”

  1. hamburger menu, not side tray, as a play on sliders.