Hulu Stories April 11, 2018

Spotify & Hulu partner to offer money-saving bundle & 99 cent three-month trial

Spotify and Hulu teamed up last year to offer a discounted bundle to students, and they have now done it again for the rest of us – though with some caveats …

Hulu Stories November 15, 2017

Sprint and Hulu partner to give unlimited access to Hulu streaming service

Sprint announced today a partnership with Hulu to give customers unlimited access to Hulu’s Limited Commercial plan. This plan allows for both new and existing customers to stream all the movies and television shows straight to their mobile devices.

Hulu Stories October 13, 2017

Hulu for Android TV now works with Google Assistant voice commands

Android TV is a great platform, but it’s overlooked by many. Hulu’s Android TV app has always felt neglected to me, but it’s slowly getting better. Most recently, Hulu’s Android TV app has picked up the ability to work with Google Assistant for finding shows and movies.

Hulu Stories August 23, 2017

Hulu launches beta version of live TV for Chrome browser and more

Hulu is making its streaming live TV and on demand content available to users via its website today. Although the update brings the functionality to users now, the company notes the new feature will be an optional beta…

Hulu Stories August 17, 2017

Hulu for Android TV updated with improved watchlist and performance improvements

As much as I love Android TV, I’ll also be the first to admit that its apps don’t get the attention they deserve. One major culprit of that is Hulu, but today the streaming provider is taking a step in the right direction by updating its UI at little bit.

Hulu Stories July 25, 2017

Nielsen’s TV ratings now include YouTube TV and Hulu’s live service

Most of us watch TV in one form or another, but many people have been cutting the cord and diving headfirst into streaming services. Recently, YouTube and Hulu have debuted their own plans for streaming live TV channels, and starting today, one of the biggest names in television is starting to track those services.

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