Netflix Stories May 9

You can play these Android games with your Netflix subscription

Back in November 2021, Netflix announced that it would launch a new addition to its mobile app – a gaming section. While the service only started out with a few titles, it has been expanding over time. So what does Netflix’s gaming section have to offer in terms of Android games?

Netflix Stories April 23

What’s on Google TV: Netflix loses subscribers following price hikes, blames password sharing

This was an awful week to be Netflix, as the company announced its first ever quarter with a subscriber loss, and more to come following continues price hikes. In an effort to reverse that, Netflix also has plans to adopt an ad-supported plan, and crack down on password sharing. Read on for more about Netflix and the rest of what’s on Google TV.

Netflix Stories April 18

At the beginning of April, Netflix released a new interactive show to live among the mostly forgotten interactive series category. The new addition called Trivia Quest is based on Trivia Crack and sets out to do the same thing: test your ability to remember random facts and information. Here’s how you can play it on Netflix with Android TV.

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Netflix Stories April 16

What’s on Google TV: Stranger Things 4 trailer, HBO Max takes #3 slot in streaming wars

This week Netflix released the first trailer for Stranger Things 4, the next season of the acclaimed show, while HBO Max reportedly earned the third slot in the streaming wars. Here’s what you need to know.

Netflix Stories March 12

In streaming news this week, Netflix remains adamant that it has no plans to launch an ad-supported pricing tier as other platforms have, and Disney+ released the long-anticipated first look at its Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

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Netflix Stories February 19

What’s on Google TV: Netflix sets ‘Stranger Things 4’ premiere date, Showtime coming to Paramount+

Following the Super Bowl, we’ve got a bunch of new trailers, content announcements, and more, including the release date for Stranger Things 4 and Google TV’s selection of Valentine’s Day content.

Netflix Stories February 12

What’s on Google TV: Hulu will lose NBC shows this year, ‘Daredevil’ and others leaving Netflix

Google TV’s goal is to make it easy for you to find the content you want without worrying about what app it’s on. That strength may be put to the test in the coming months, as NBC is preparing to remove its content from Hulu and the Marvel shows, including “Daredevil,” are about to leave Netflix.

Netflix Stories January 31

Netflix already supports the global Galaxy S22 series Exynos 2200 chip

Although not yet officially unveiled, Netflix has already confirmed that upcoming global Galaxy S22 models with the Exynos 2200 will be supported by the streaming service.

Netflix Stories January 13

Google TV’s promise of aggregating all of your content in one place is ambitious and useful, but it comes with the caveat of requiring cooperation. After Netflix torpedoed its integration with Google TV in 2020, it has felt as though the two platforms will never fully reconcile, but it sounds like, according to one executive, there’s still hope. On top of that, there was a teaser for Google TV’s future, including new fitness and smart home features.

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Netflix Stories November 11, 2021

Netflix starts rolling out more efficient AV1 codec to TVs including select Android TVs [U]

The AV1 streaming codec is something that Google and others are behind bringing to the mass market, and slowly it’s expanding. This week, following successful tests on Android smartphones and tablets, Netflix has announced that it will bring AV1 to TVs.

Netflix Stories November 2, 2021

Earlier this year Netflix announced it was testing out an expansion from video streaming to gaming, with mobile games being made part of Netflix subscriptions. Today, that initiative is going worldwide, as Netflix adds Android games for users around the world.

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Netflix Stories October 5, 2021

Netflix rolls out ‘Play Something’ shuffle mode to all Android users

After limited testing in selected regions earlier in the year, Netflix has now rolled out the “Play Something” shuffle mode to all Android users globally.

Netflix Stories August 26, 2021

Netflix launches its gaming efforts w/ two Stranger Things games

Netflix is taking its first steps into the world of gaming, relaunching two Stranger Things games for Android exclusively for subscribers.

Netflix Stories July 20, 2021

The cloud gaming market continues to expand on the backs of Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Nvidia, but it seems a new entry is on its way. According to a new report, Netflix intends to add games to its streaming catalog in the not-too-distant future, but the expansion will start with games on mobile smartphones.

Update 7/20: Netflix has confirmed its gaming plans, clarifying that cloud gaming will not be the focus at least to start.

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Netflix Stories July 10, 2021

[Update: Persists in July] Some Google Pixel phones stuck with Widevine L3 & SD quality Netflix

Netflix and many other video streaming apps use Google-owned Widevine DRM to ensure content isn’t easily pirated on Android. An issue for the past few months sees some Google Pixel phones unable to stream Netflix in HD quality due to Widevine L3 being detected

Netflix Stories June 28, 2021

Netflix for Android now lets you watch partially downloaded movies and shows, iOS soon

If you live in an area with poor internet infrastructure, downloading content for offline use is a crucial feature. Now, Netflix is enhancing its offline option with the ability for users to watch TV shows and movies before they’ve completely finished downloading.

Netflix Stories March 11, 2021

After integration between Netflix and Google TV was shuttered last year, things are finally back on the repair. On Chromecast with Google TV, the Netflix directory is back in action.

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Netflix Stories February 1, 2021

Netflix has started testing a sleep timer feature on Android that, like any good implementation, will stop streaming content after a preset period, meaning you won’t forget what just happened when binging your favorite shows.

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Netflix Stories January 29, 2021

Netflix adds HDR support for Samsung Galaxy S21 series, TCL 20 5G

Although expected, Netflix has now “officially” certified the recently released Samsung Galaxy S21 series to play HDR content on the streaming platform along with the TCL 20 5G.

Netflix Stories January 27, 2021

YouTube and Netflix may require AV1 hardware decoding in the future

As streaming has taken over, the AV1 codec has come up as a way to save bandwidth and improve quality going forward. According to a mention from the folks over at Synaptics, YouTube and Netflix apparently have plans to require AV1 at some point in the future.

Netflix Stories January 25, 2021

Netflix on Android adds support for ‘studio-quality audio’ codec

Watching movies when using Netflix on Android is about to get better thanks to a new audio codec that supposedly brings “studio-quality” auditory experiences on mobile.

Netflix Stories December 17, 2020

It may come as a surprise to hear that not every Android device with a good enough screen can play Netflix in HD. Two of Google’s older tablets, the Nexus 9 and the Pixel C, are no longer supported by Netflix, meaning movies and shows may no longer play in HD.

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Netflix Stories December 16, 2020

Netflix tests audio-only mode on Android, if you’re into that sort of thing

Netflix has a huge library of content, but its well-designed app may be one of the service’s more attractive features. Now, Netflix is testing a new audio-only mode on its Android app.

Netflix Stories November 25, 2020

The arrival of Google TV put heavy emphasis on the ability for users to manage all of their favorite shows and movies in one place, regardless of how many services they subscribe to. A hiccup in that plan first occurred earlier this week on Chromecast, but now things seem all the more serious as the Google TV app has lost access to the Netflix catalog entirely.

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Netflix Stories November 23, 2020

The new Chromecast with Google TV brings some killer features for content management, specifically with its watchlist feature that works across services. Unfortunately, though, that excellent watchlist on Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t support Netflix Originals.

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Netflix Stories September 30, 2020

Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G will be able to watch Netflix in HDR

Today, Google took the wraps off their latest phones the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Following that announcement, Netflix has added official support for watching HDR content on both the Pixel 5 and the Pixel 4a 5G.

Netflix Stories September 14, 2020

Google Nexus 7 may no longer be able to watch Netflix in HD

While all attention this month will surely be on Google’s next Pixel devices, the original Nexus series is now further in the grave with the second-generation Nexus 7 tablet appearing to lose support for HD videos on Netflix.

Netflix Stories August 31, 2020

Netflix now offers some of its original shows for free on Android, web

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services on the planet, but it’s always looking to get more subscribers signed up. This week, Netflix has quietly announced that it will offer some of its original shows and movies completely for free on Android and the web.

Netflix Stories August 17, 2020

Netflix adds HDR support for Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Tab S7+, Z Fold 2, more

At the Galaxy Unpacked event earlier this month, Samsung unveiled and teased a wide swath of devices, especially new phones. Today, Netflix has added official HDR support for many newer Samsung devices including the Galaxy Note 20, Z Fold 2, and more.

Netflix Stories August 4, 2020

Netflix adds HDR support for Google Pixel 4a

Google’s Pixel 4a has finally gone official, but it still won’t be the hands of customers for a couple of weeks. Despite that, Netflix has already certified the Pixel 4a for HD and HDR support.

Netflix Stories July 31, 2020

Netflix is rolling out playback speed controls on Android, coming to iOS, web soon

Netflix has been preparing the ability for users to control the playback speed of TV shows and movies for a while, but never rolled it out widely. Today, the company has confirmed that Android users are first in line to get access to the new feature.

Netflix Stories July 29, 2020

Netflix hits box office 1 billion installs on the Google Play Store

The Netflix app for Android has now reached an impressive 1 billion install milestone on the Google Play Store, making it the most popular streaming service after YouTube.

Netflix Stories July 21, 2020

One immensely popular streaming service has long been absent from Assistant Smart Displays. In a real “finally,” Google today announced that Netflix is now available on the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

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Netflix Stories April 20, 2020

Have you ever been watching a TV show or movie on your smartphone and accidentally touched the screen, resulting in the content stopping or moving around the timeline? If so, you’ll be happy to know that Netflix for Android has added a new “screen lock” button to prevent exactly that.

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Netflix Stories April 16, 2020

Netflix certifies more Android smartphones from Oppo, Sony, and Xiaomi

Netflix is one of the most popular streaming services in the world, but it can be a little picky with what hardware it can run on. This week, Netflix has added HD and HDR10 support to a handful of devices from Oppo, Sony, and Xiaomi.

Netflix Stories April 15, 2020

Android TV projectors start getting Netflix support w/ Xiaomi Mi Smart Compact

Android TV projectors are a clever way to get content up on a big screen without a huge investment, but all of them so far have lacked support for Netflix. This week, Xiaomi stepped up to the plate by adding Netflix support to its Mi Smart Compact Android TV projector.

Netflix Stories March 27, 2020

Back before it launched, Netflix added support for HDR content on Google’s Pixel 4. Shortly after, though, the Pixel was removed from that list. Now, Pixel 4 has returned to the Netflix HDR list alongside Oppo’s Find X2 and the OnePlus 7T.

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Netflix Stories February 26, 2020

Whether settling in for movie night or catching up on your latest binges (just starting Better Call Saul, here), Chromecast is one of the easiest ways to watch Netflix with the convenience of picking a flick on your phone. Today, Netflix has given their Chromecast interface a major overhaul, with a new design and ambient TV and movie recommendations.

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Netflix Stories February 5, 2020

Netflix starts streaming AV1 on Android to save cellular data

Netflix announced today that it’s beginning to stream video using AV1 on Android. This high-performance, royalty-free codec provides 20% improved compression efficiency over VP9.

Netflix Stories December 2, 2019

Despite the explosive growth of rivals, Netflix is still one of the biggest players in the streaming world. Now, it appears Netflix is testing a new menu that contains several options including the long-awaited shuffle button for TV shows.

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Netflix Stories September 30, 2019

After Hours: Arrive package tracker for Android, Stranger Things 4, more

As the month of September comes to a close, we’re still diving into Pixel 4 apps and also seeing the debut of YouTube TV on Amazon’s streaming platform. In some of the day’s other stories, Verizon bought a company by the name of Jaunt and Netflix confirmed it would be making Stranger Things 4.

Netflix Stories September 16, 2019

Netflix offers a ton of HDR movies and TV shows and as smartphone displays add support for the feature, the content provider is enabling support. The list of HDR10 devices on Netflix just grew quite a bit, and it now includes some of Google’s Pixel phones including the still-unannounced Pixel 4 series.

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Netflix Stories June 7, 2019

[Update: Maybe not] Netflix support for Nest Hub, other smart displays may be incoming

Netflix is one of the most used services on basically anything with a display, but the service has oddly lacked support for Google Assistant smart displays since launch. Now, the Netflix action for Google Assistant is showing compatibility with the Nest Hub and other smart displays, suggesting imminent arrival of the feature.

Netflix Stories May 31, 2019

Netflix officially certifies 23 more devices for HD incl. OnePlus 7 Pro, Pixel 2/3/3a, more

Netflix has certified a further 23 devices for full HD playback with the updated list now officially including the Pixel 2, 2XL, 3, 3XL, newly released 3a and 3a XL, alongside the OnePlus 7 Pro, and Huawei P30 Pro.

Netflix Stories March 1, 2019

Netflix adds HDR support for Galaxy S10 family, latest Qualcomm chipsets get HD support

Netflix is one of the most widely used streaming services available today, and also one of the best places to find HDR content. This week, Netflix is adding HDR support to Samsung’s new Galaxy S10 family, as well as expanding HD support to a bunch of new devices.

Netflix Stories January 14, 2019

HDR support for Netflix now appearing on Pixel 3 and 3 XL devices

If you’re a Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL user and also a Netflix subscriber, then you might want to check your app to see the new HDR support for the Google handsets (via Android Police).

Netflix Stories October 15, 2018

Google Assistant can now play Netflix on Android TV devices

Android TV is a pretty stellar platform if you ask me, but its Chromecast functionality has felt broken for a while. Now, though, Google is fixing one major gripe by allowing Google Assistant to play content on Netflix through Android TV devices.

Netflix Stories September 4, 2018

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will have to make more European content – by law

Streaming video services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video will soon have to ensure that at least 30% of the programming offered in Europe is produced in EU countries …

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