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Years after Android hit store shelves and even after the lengthy and sometimes arduous update process has been detailed, HTC releases a new infographic taking a look at the whole process from beginning to end.

Properly labeled as the “The anatomy of an Android OS update” the manufacturer documents the 8, 9 or 12 steps that are required for an update. The steps take a look at Carrier devices, Unlocked/Developer edition devices and Google Play edition devices all of which require a similar process to achieve an OS update.

Needless to say the entire process has frustrated users the world over for years and it’s still far more detailed than Android’s biggest competitor in Apple. Hopefully, at some point in the not so distant future we’ll see this process whittle down to under 5 steps and make all Android users just a tiny bit happier.


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12 Responses to “HTC details the Android software update process with one long infographic”

  1. Joseph Ayala says:

    Well this illustration is really useful to know all about the Android Software Update Process that what kind of stages come up and what changes this software get to update its software and eligible work more speed and with the latest features. Android Software really makes us experience the great charm and obsession to use it with more curiosity.

  2. Tom Sawyer says:

    I love how tons of Apple fanboys always come over here from 9to5mac whenever there’s negativity on Android or whatever just to hate, be smug and act like they’re superior because they prefer a different phone. Can’t you get to sleep at night unless you feel good about your phone of choice or something? Sheesh, it’s pretty embarrassing and pathetic in my opinion.

    • russellleeo says:

      So true. Their $199 phone with 2-year contract make them feel superior.

      Do Porsche, Ferrari or Lamborghini owners brag that their engine is a V12 or a turbo charged flat 6?
      Do they brag about their 7 speed automatic is a stick shift or paddle shifters?

  3. Air Burt says:

    tl;dr You’re gonna wait a long time!

  4. That certainly is pretty. It should be hung in every Apple Store to show one of the several compelling arguments (alongside malware, no tablet apps, slow/no updates and only a handful of models that are actually any good) about why consumers should choose iPhones and (in particular) iPads.

    • There is a tablet section in the Play Store.
      You don’t understand the term “malware” and how it relates to ROM based devices.
      Only a handful of good devices ? Does that actually apply to every market in the world?
      Keep gargling that Kool-Aid I’m sure it helps you feel less lonely at Xmas.

  5. Will Bensky says:

    Now make a infographic of the process of updating an iOS device:
    Apple develops software update—>Apple releases software update—->Devices updated.

  6. John Kirk says:

    It’s a nice infographic.