It wasn’t so long ago that buying a camera capable of 4K video recording would set you back well into five figures; today, you can do it on a smartphone. Acer got there first with the Liquid S2, followed by Samsung with the Galaxy Note III. If leaked software obtained by ExperiaBlog is indeed intended for the Xperia D6503 Sirius – codename for Sony’s successor to the Xperia Z1 – Sony will soon be joining the list.

A screengrab of the camera app shows a 4K video button whose description reads ‘Record video in 4K ultra high definition.’ Other camera features shown are slow-motion video (rather strangely labelled ‘Timeshift video’), background defocus (emulating the shallow depth of field of a large-sensor DSLR) and various add-on effects … 

Also of note are stereo speakers, smart backlight control, to keep the backlight on while you’re looking at the phone (as first seen on some Samsung handsets), smart call-handling (answer by raising it to your face, reject by shaking) and screen-tap to wake (first seen on the Xperia Tablet Z).

The handset is likely to be launched at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Via Engadget

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5 Responses to “Sony’s Xperia Z1 successor to offer 4K recording, slo-mo and more”

  1. sayan07 says:

    Its just to be future ready, thats y 4K video recording is considered appropriate. But Sony better wait for Snapdragon 805, because Snapdragon 800 on a flagship again, will lead to hardware inferiority, which happened to the Sony Xperia Z, because it was using last year’s tech.

  2. Jac Lin says:

    I think recording 4K Video is really stupid right, considering that 99.9% of us still hav 1080p or less TVs.

  3. alphabetize1 says:

    4K video must eat up storage space very quickly.