After weeks of screenshots a quick video walkthroughs, a working extension for Google Stars has been outed by Google sleuth Florian Kiersch. Once up and running, Stars resets your Chrome bookmarks page with a grid setup filled with sites that you’ve bookmarked. Users can add sites to their collection by clicking the star icon in the omnibox. This brings up a folder selection option that lets you decide where you wish to file your latest bookmark and for fast access the app displays a screenshot of the item selected before placing it in your display grid.

Stars also lets users drag and drop content like pictures into their folder layout, but this feature doesn’t appear to be completely finished. For now, you can move items that have already been starred by without having to right click.

Still not ready for mass consumption, Google has pulled the extension from the Chrome Web Store, but it’s available to download elsewhere at your own risk. Just keep in mind that this is an unfinished product, so you’re likely to encounter a few hiccups. Hopefully Mountain View will have Stars ready for an official unveiling in the not so distant future. The company usually likes to announce these type of things during its annual I/O developers conference, so consider our fingers crossed.

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