Google is currently testing a new Chrome feature called “Stars” that will let users take just about any piece of content from the web and save it to a personalized library. This unannounced tool was uncovered by by Florian Kiersch, a German software developer who was exploring some of Google’s code. Several messages within Stars source code suggests that this new feature is still being reviewed internally by Google.

Messages such as “Thank you for dogfooding Google Stars!” and “We are working hard to make Google Stars a product you love” appear throughout the application’s unfinished code. Stars was originally known as Google Collections, According to Kiersch and its description sounds like a mashup between Dropbox, Pinterest and Fliboard.

Currently, Google lets users star web pages and emails, so the application’s natural progression could possibly transition into YouTube videos, Google+ and image search results.

According to Stars’ current source code, users will have the option to make their bookmarks private or sharable through a public folder. Google will organize and filter bookmarks for malicious software and “categorize the items you star into filters so you can discover patterns in your content.”

So, when might we see Stars officially revealed to the world? Kiersch believes that Google will announce this feature in June during I/O and so do we.

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