Google Stars Stories June 14, 2015

In with the old and out with the new, that’s what I always say. Google seems to be thinking the same way, as the Chrome team this past week replaced its newer card-based, tiled bookmarks manager, pictured above, with the previous link-based one. You can access the now old bookmarks manager by visiting chrome://bookmarks.

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Google Stars Stories August 13, 2014

After a brief hiatus, we received another look at Google Stars and today you’ve got a chance to play with a pre-release build of Mountain View’s new bookmarking software, thanks to the efforts of code connoisseur Florian Kiersch. If you’re feeling adventurous, the programer has managed to extract a nightly build of a Stars extension for Chrome.

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Google Stars Stories August 11, 2014

We’ve been hearing about Google Stars for months now and while the search giant hasn’t made any official announcements, that hasn’t stopped leaks from surfacing. In fact, at one point an extension for the software briefly hit the Chrome App Store, only to be removed shortly after. If you’re having trouble remembering what Stars is, it’s pretty much Mountain View’s new take on bookmarking and collecting things from around the web.

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Google Stars Stories May 30, 2014

After weeks of screenshots a quick video walkthroughs, a working extension for Google Stars has been outed by Google sleuth Florian Kiersch. Once up and running, Stars resets your Chrome bookmarks page with a grid setup filled with sites that you’ve bookmarked. Users can add sites to their collection by clicking the star icon in the omnibox. This brings up a folder selection option that lets you decide where you wish to file your latest bookmark and for fast access the app displays a screenshot of the item selected before placing it in your display grid.

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Google Stars Stories May 5, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, an ambitious software developer by the name of Florian Kiersch uncovered an unannounced Google platform known as Stars. From the looks of things, this new product is Google’s next-gen take on bookmarking content from the web. Up until now, we’ve only seen still shots of the forthcoming software, however thanks to a recent Javascript module update, Kiersch was able to gain access to parts of Stars’ web-based UI.

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