Motorola is set to unveil a variety of new products tomorrow morning, but the Wall Street Journal posted its video review of the Moto 360 a tad too early, giving us a more in-depth look at the watch before its public unveiling tomorrow.

Reviewer Joanna Stern says in the video that while the Moto 360 is better than some of the earlier Android Wear watches, it’s still very underwhelming. Stern remarked that the app selection for Android Wear is still far below where it should be and that the software feels very much like “wearing a phone” on your wrist. Stern did, however, praise the elegant design of the Moto 360 and complimented the included leather strap, although she did say that it on her small wrists, it still looked out-of-place and bigger than a normal watch.

The biggest thing that many will take from the review, however, is that Stern claims that you have to charge the Moto 360 twice a day. And while the charging process is elegant and simple with an included wireless dock, having to charge your watch twice a day is an incredible hassle.

You can watch the video review above.

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3 Responses to “WSJ Moto 360 review says the device has to be charged twice a day, praises Google Now integration”

  1. Robert Dufly says:

    Oddly the most damaging thing in that review is that notification flood – Android has too many notifications already, and I don’t want them – it’s almost exclusively unwanted, so I don’t want to replicate that to my wrist as well.

    If they’d improve a way to tone down the notifications that’d be great.

    Some more styles – sure, and yes – that battery life sounded short..

    But on the plus side, I was surprised it worked well outdoors, it wasn’t that much bigger than the classic watch that I guess is her regular watch – and it didn’t look bad, and it was surprisingly complete – well, again with the exception of that black bar at the bottom.

  2. Odd. Last month an Italian reviewer (with an early production model) said he easily got two days use, but he did say it looked large on his admittedly thin wrists.

  3. It’s a very bias “review”. You can tell through the whole thing. She throws the thing into the charger like she hates it. Only last half a day? Come on now.