HTC is absolutely certain it’ll prevail in an ongoing legal battle against Apple’s patent infringement claims and is promising a “more active” involvement in defending its patent portfolio. This came from the mouth of HTC North Asia president Jack Tong in a Korea Times article today. He said:

We have no question that HTC will definitely win. HTC is waiting for a final ruling from the U.S. International Trade Commission (USITC) and the ruling will be on our side. HTC will be more active in defending our intellectual properties

Meanwhile, an unnamed Samsung source assured the publication that HTC’s eventual win in the United States will tilt balance of power in the Samsung-Apple case to Samsung’s side.

Taiwanese handset maker originally came under fire from Apple’s legal sharks in March 2010. Watchers immediately observed Apple was going after Android by pressing charges against HTC, then the most prominent backer of Google’s mobile platform. Following its acquisition of Motorola, Google had transferred several patents to HTC which put them to good use by countersuing Apple before a Delaware court.

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