Following the introduction of YouTube movie rentals and Google eBooks in the UK earlier this month, The Telegraph is reporting that Google has now opened up movie rentals to UK users via the Android Market.

Starting at £2.49, users have one of two choices for renting movies. Either grab the video app from the Market, or head over to to rent and watch films from your PC. Of course, films rented through either method will be available to watch through your phone, PC, or Android tablet during the rental period. As with the service in the US, you’ll have up to thirty days to watch a film after purchasing the rental. However, after the first play it will expire after 48 hours.

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There is currently approximately 1,000 movies available as rentals from the store and of course Google is always working on expanding the selection. Let us know in the comments if you notice Google video rentals have been opened up in your country too.

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