Always the first to exploit competitors’ real or perceived weaknesses, Microsoft this morning posted an interesting message on Twitter in an attempt to exploit the Android malware issue that has been in the headlines over the past couple of days.

The message points to a Twitter profile belonging to the Windows Phone evangelist and Windows Team blog contributor Ben Rudolph, inviting owners of Android handsets to explain their #droidrage on Twitter.

The message reads:

That @BenThePCGuy…always causing trouble. Now he’s giving away free Windows Phones to people with #droidrage. See his feed for details.

While the Windows maker is seeking to sooth Android-malware-angsted users with Windows Phone giveaway (Rudolph is giving five free Windows Phones to posters with the worst malware horror stories), the Twitter backlash ensued.

One user wrote:

Criticizing your competitors rather than extolling your own virtues is always a sign of failure.

Another one joked:

One time I was walking through the desert on Tatooine, talking on my mobile when R2D2 mugged me. #DroidRage Do I get my free phone now?

What do you think, is Microsoft wrong to invite people to diss about Android on Twitter? Meet us in comments.

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