Droid-Life has Google Wallet working on the Verizon Wireless variant of the Galaxy Nexus—a noble feat. In December last year, we broke news that the Verizon variant would not support Google Wallet, because the mobile carrier wanted to push its own similar payment platform called ISIS. This bugged many users. Droid-Life also showed Google Wallet working on an AT&T Galaxy Nexus, too. Today, the Android news community showed us how to do it on the Verizon version.

So how do you do it exactly? More information is available after the break.

  1. On your Galaxy Nexus, open your browser and head to http://www.market.android.com.
  2. Search “Google Wallet.”
  3. When you receive the results, select “Google Wallet.”
  4. Your device will prompt you to leave the Browser. Do so and head to the Market.
  5. Install and you are off to the races.

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