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Motorola has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. The company was acquired by Google back in 2011, then sold to Lenovo just three years later. Where Moto phones used to allow you to choose colors and materials, these days you customize your phone with different Mods.

Ownership and phone strategies aside, though, Motorola is still largely the same ambitious company it’s always been. The brand that invented the cell phone as we know it today has always stood out as one of the few Midwest-based tech companies in an industry largely dominated by Silicon Valley. Being a Midwesterner myself, I drove up to Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, where they graciously gave me a tour of their facilities.

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Ever since Allo made its debut last September, one of the biggest missing features for the messaging service was a proper desktop client for continuing your conversations while at your computer or laptop. We finally got that with the release of Allo for web today, and now that the feature is here, it’s time to give Google’s messaging client the second chance it deserves…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

After a long wait (Google said it would be coming in ‘a few more weeks’ back in July), Google Allo’s web client is now rolling out — although it’s currently restricted to those running the latest version of the app on Android. We revealed in our teardown of the last version of the app that the launch of Allo for web was imminent, and site is now live…

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Feature August 14

GOOG: 922.67


Following the release of Google Contacts for most Android devices earlier today, more people than ever now have access to the app. After digging into the latest version of Google Contacts, we managed to enable a couple unreleased features in the latest version that could make managing your contacts with it even easier than it already is…

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With spam warnings, visual voicemail, a super clean UI, and more, Google’s Phone app has quite a lot to offer to folks rocking Pixel, Nexus, and Android One devices. We recently discovered a new feature deep in the Phone app that makes managing calls from your home screen much easier than before, and we managed to enable it in the latest version of the app so you can see it in action…

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One of the highlights for Pixel and Nexus phones is having access to all of the latest and greatest services from Google. Some of these features are limited to Google’s own phones, and while the Google Contacts app was previously one of those, that’s now thankfully changing.

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