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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 goes on sale this Friday in the US, and after playing with it in NYC earlier this month I was eager to get my hands on a unit. Now, I’ve spent the past few days with the Note 9 as my daily driver, and I’ve got some thoughts on Samsung’s latest flagship.

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Feature August 17

The OnePlus 5T really isn’t that old, but its was still overtaken recently by the latest addition to the family. Its shiny new sibling, the OnePlus 6, launched after just 6 months of 5T in the spotlight. It’s hard to believe that it’s still less than a year old, because it’s still one of the best Android handsets available.

Despite some refinement making the 6 model an easier sell, we think it’s still worth your hard earned dollars. Here are 5 reasons the OnePlus 5T is still well worth purchasing. expand full story

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Feature August 16

In Android’s history, there’s really only been one place to go for steady software updates, and that’s Google’s own hardware. Whether under the Nexus or the Pixel brand, Google was the only place you could really go for reliable, quick updates to Android.

Fast forward to 2017 and Andy Rubin, the father of Android, launched the Essential Phone with the promise of timely updates, and oh boy did they deliver…

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Feature August 15

OnePlus burst on to the scene with its so-called ‘flagship killer’ at a price that was meant to shake up the market. Since then, the self-proclaimed killer is becoming more like one of the crowd — with a steadily increasing entry cost. They’ve invested heavily in hardware driving the devices, but the camera has almost always taken a back seat.

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Feature August 9

For the past few years, there’s almost always been a smartwatch on my wrist. After Google’s Android Wear, now Wear OS, got boring though, I ended up switching camps for Samsung’s wearable lineup. Recently I’ve gone back to Wear OS, but now the Galaxy Watch might have me headed back.

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Samsung is the biggest player in Android smartphones today and its Note lineup has been the home of the best the company has to offer for years. Now that the Galaxy Note 9 has gone official, we’ve had a bit of time to try it out.

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