The Sprint version of the Galaxy Nexus is the only variant to officially see Google Wallet. However, a new report from Droid-Life said the GSM Galaxy Nexus with an AT&T SIM card can download and access Google Wallet from the Android Market, which is a sigh of relief for many users. As you can see in the screenshot above, courtesy of Droid-Life, there are not any hoops–just a simple download.

Google Wallet gives users the ability to use the built-in NFC chip to pay for goods. Google Wallet was first introduced on the Sprint Galaxy S, and it saw a quick rollout to many retail outlets.

Last year, we broke news that Verizon Wireless was blocking the use of Google Wallet on its version of the Galaxy Nexus to later push its own payment platform. It was not clear if Sprint and AT&T would do the same. We now know that the Sprint version will come with it officially paired, and it can at least be downloaded on the GSM AT&T variant.

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4 Responses to “GSM Galaxy Nexus on AT&T can use Google Wallet, Verizon version still lacking”

  1. Greg S says:

    Google wallet downloads, but does not work on my GSM Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.1 on AT&T.
    It says that, "Google Wallet has not been certified in your country or on your device/ carrier."
    Any suggestions?

  2. jimsis says:

    So, the next most obvious question, when will the SkyRocket NFC be enabled?

  3. gabe81 says:

    I'm on at&t, with galaxy nexus and google wallet won't work.

  4. gabe81 says:

    Just downloaded it and it's says"Unfourtunately, Google wallet has not yet been certified in your country or on your device/carrier."