Editing videos with YouTube just got much easier.

The video-sharing website launched YouTube Video Editor last year, but now its latest editing tool allows YouTube to automatically detect any stabilization and lighting issues…

“Sometimes videos suffer from symptoms like “shaky-camera-itis” or “augmented-darkness-levels” that keep viewers from seeing just how awesome your video really is,” explained Software Engineer John Gregg on the official YouTube blog. “If you upload a video that’s shaky or dark, we’ll automatically offer to fix it for you, creating an updated version of your video on YouTube.”

After a video finishes uploading, a notification bar appears on the Upload page and in the Video Manager. Click the button to auto-correct flaws within the video. Users can view a side-by-side preview of the edits, and then hit “Okay” to sync them with the preview version.

“The result is a one-click option rolling out over the next few days that cures these two symptoms now, and more planned in the future,” Gregg contended.

Users can also undo the edits later, if they desire.

Watch the videos below to note the tool’s effect:

Stabilize (before and after):

Auto-Levels (before and after):

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