entertainment Stories December 3, 2015

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In past years, Google just highlighted the best apps in their end of the year list. But to demonstrate the content store’s shift into more than just apps, other forms of entertainment like music and movies are getting their own section in the Play Store’s Best of 2015 this year.

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entertainment Stories November 13, 2015

Sony’s PlayStation Vue Internet TV service is coming to Google Chromecast

Sony announced today that it’s PlayStation Vue Internet TV service will soon be expanding to support Google’s Chromecast HDMI streaming hardware for the first time. The news comes as Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick streaming devices become the first devices beyond PlayStation consoles to support Vue. While Amazon’s hardware is getting support today, Chromecast support will follow as it’s coming soon.

entertainment Stories July 8, 2015


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Remember ethernet? It’s that technology that can transmit an Internet signal to devices through a cable — so long as they have an ethernet port, that is. Many devices no longer do, to the dismay of a diminishing minority. But ethernet has its benefits, like not being susceptible to reliability issues when there are two walls between your device and your router and/or modem.

Fortunately, Chromecast users are in luck, as Google is now selling an ethernet adapter for the device. expand full story

entertainment Stories June 12, 2015


Using the typical in-flight entertainment system on board an airliner is like time-travelling back to 1990. There’s usually no touch-screen – you have to navigate with physical joypad type systems – and everything is laggy and clunky. The contrast with the hi-tech tablet you probably have on your lap is a glaring one.

Virgin America is aiming to bring a more Android-like experience to its seat-back entertainment systems by, well, adopting Android …  expand full story

entertainment Stories May 25, 2015

Google and Comedy Central are offering one free episode from 12 shows on Google Play

Memorial Day in the United States is a time for remembering and celebrating, relaxing and unwinding, and an extra day off from work to spend with friends and family. Google wants to make sure you don’t have to waste any of it flipping through TV channels to find something that’s on to watch, which is why the company has partnered up with Comedy Central to offer 12 episodes of 12 different Comedy Central original shows absolutely free on Google Play.

Some of the shows are more recent, like Key & Peele, while others are more of Comedy Central classics, like Strangers with Candy from the 90’s. My personal favorites from the selection are Key & Peele and Tosh.0, but maybe Reno 911! is your sort of thing. One episode from each show is free and then you can pay for the season it’s from to see more. The sale page is here.

entertainment Stories February 4, 2015

Google partners with Disney on new series aiming to get kids interested in tech

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VnQ5gE4Rbxo&ab_channel=disneyjunior]

Google and Disney teamed up to create a new kids show with a focus on getting young viewers interested in computer science, the LA Times noted in a report today. The show, Miles from Tomorrowland, was created by Disney Junior with Google engineers sitting in as consultants.

The two companies are especially focused on getting girls interested in technology by featuring female characters designed to change kids’ perception of the industry. From the Times report:

In “Miles From Tomorrowland,” Loretta is a super cool older sister/computer whiz sidekick who records data from the adventures and discoveries and can find the answer to almost anything with the assistance of a special wrist device known as “the bracelex.”

One episode has Loretta writing code that helps her find another planet.

The show’s creator says that his cooperation with Google has shown him that “you can do anything with coding”—a message Disney hopes to instill in its audience. Miles from Tomorrowland premieres on February 6th.

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