Google just announced Android users will now be able to download all of their songs from a new version of Google Music Manager, allowing you to create a backup of both purchased music from the Google Music store and content you’ve uploaded yourself.

Google noted downloaded songs will be formatted as mp3 files at 320kbps and downloads can be initiated through “Download purchased music” or “Export your library” options within Music Manager. You won’t see the new download options until you’ve already uploaded music, however. The update will also include a new option in the dropdown menu next to track titles that will allow you to share the YouTube video for that particular song with your circles on Google+.

Music Manager allows you to download all of your purchased tracks and place them in the folder you specify. Once you’ve downloaded all of your purchased tracks, you will see a checkbox with an option to download everything since that download or to download all tracks again.

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4 Responses to “Google rolls out new Music Manager with options to download songs, YouTube integration”

  1. Mike says:

    GMusic is US only

  2. I heard the people behind the big SOPA push are people who are actually developing "File Sharing" software and other such systems. It has a bit of a ring of truth to it, even though my source is my 14 year old daughter.

    There has been a longtime tradition of "cover songs" where people simply use their talent to re-make a song that was originally made famous and popular by others. I am going to really try to find out whats propelling this thing and see I can come up with some sort of scathing piece uncovering the ugly truth behind SOPA.

  3. Stijn says:

    US-only I take it?

  4. SengNee says:

    That dude just knows that he is like totally rocking it.