Many Google Glasses parody videos are swirling around the Web, but two Israeli-based filmmakers decided to up the ante with a take on “Battlefield 5.”

Nadav Pessach and Uzi Mor created the video above and hosted it on the “There is a Canal” YouTube channel. It features “Battlefield 5” in a much-idealized version of how some gamers expect Project Glass to one-day change the gaming industry. The Battlefield franchise is a series of FPS video games developed by the Swedish company EA Digital Illusions CE and published by Electronic Arts.

Of course, “Battlefield 5” does not exist yet, but the battlefield literally comes to life in this augmented reality version. Instead of smartphones, handheld-gaming systems, and consoles, a potential “Battlefield 5” Google Glasses-compatible videogame would highlight a completely immersive experience coupled with physical prowess and stunning imagery.

The video game clearly achieves new heights of play, which is celebrated by a hypothesized gamer squealing at the end.

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