Google unveils Compute Engine

Google executives are now on-stage for the second day of Google I/O to announce Compute Engine—its full-featured contender against Amazon and Microsoft’s cloud-computing services.

Google Senior Vice President Urz Holzle revealed the Infrastructure platform allows any sized businesses with large computing requirements to run applications on Google data center servers. Computer Engine also features multiple storage options with expansive connectivity to end-users.

It already beta tested with customers, as the Institute for Systems Biology, for instance, applied it to a Genome Explorer app. Holzle even demonstrated the ISB genome explorer running on 600,00 cores, but he noted there are 771,886 cores available to the app.

“For computations that don’t need much I/O, we can scale much, much higher,” said Holzle.

Compute Engine provides 50 percent more computing per dollar than its competition, but it is worth noting that the company already offers a Compute Engine-like service, App Engine. It launched in 2008 and now holds 1 million active apps, eyes 7.5 billion hits per day, and it is the world’s largest public NoSQL DataStore.

Google Compute Engine is now available in limited preview.

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