Google finally realized that online shopping is synonymous with gift cards and wishlists.

According to AndroidPolice, the Google Play Store is taking a much-needed clue from Apple and Amazon and readying a wishlist tool and physical gift cards for its revamped Android marketplace. The wishlist is where users essentially add content for purchasing later, while the redeemable Play Store cards allow users to pop in a code, earn a Play Store balance, and buy content without the use of a credit card.

AndroidPolice found evidence of these two functions after comparing a new Google Play Store v3.8.15 APK to the previous 3.7.15 version. The 300 KB code revealed new icons, layout and string resources, and an Android manifest that all pointed to a wishlist and gift cards coming down the Google Play pipeline.

Android dev Mathias Tillman grabbed a screenshot of the Redeem Activity after compiling a hacked APK, as AndroidPolice pointed out, and Shen Ye of RootzWiki used Mathias’ apk to get more screenshots on the wishlist and the new menu.

AndroidCentral added to the reports by posting a couple “slipped” pics of $10 and $25 Google Play gift cards with “Music Movies Books Apps & More” branded on the bottom. Check out all the images above.

[via AndroidPolice and AndroidCentral]

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