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We’re hearing a lot about Sandy and the role cell phones and Verizon’s network played in keeping communications available.

Also Droid is getting back to its ‘powerful roots’ A new video which I’m sure will get a lot of play for the holidays reminds me of the original Droid videos. Lots of robots and base.

DNA Video uploading..

5″inch SuperLCD display. 1080P HD. 440 PPI display. “Profesional Photographers demand this”.

80 degree angel vs. 30 degree on the Galaxy S3.

“Not a Phablet. This is a Smartphone.”

Slimmer than Galaxy S3 and same profile as previous smartphones.

Qualcom Quadcore S4, 2GB of RAM. (Krait probably). 1080P video.

Wireless charging.

Android 4.1 Jellybean. Sense 4+

Camera F 2.0 lens on front and back. 1080P front and back video. Sightseeing mode.

Speaker has a built in app.  Beats stuff.

It will go on sale in 7 days for $199 with 2 year contract. Pre-sales begin today.

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