Reuters has a good one today titled “Analysis: Amazon, Google on collision course in 2013”.

This statement is akin to the continent of India being on a crash course for hitting Asia.  Amazon and Google have been at war for ages. If you need proof, look at the Kindle Fire line. Using Google’s Open Source OS, but supplanting Google’s services for rival Bing’s? War!

More recently, Google eliminated Amazon from its product searches. That’s the heart of Amazon’s business. War!

But Reuters notes that Amazon’s ad business may someday encroach on Google’s, and, more importantly, Google is starting a locker service for delivering goods to individuals as early as the same day they order.

More war!

At least the two understand their rivalry. For a look at a total misunderstanding of rivalries, look at Best Buy. It is promoting the flagship device of the company that is eating its lunch.

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