Dropbox, one of the main cloud storage services going against Google Drive, announced deep integration today with a slew of Samsung’s Android smartphones, as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Camera and Smart TVs.

ComputerWorld reported the integration would specifically include “several new Samsung devices, such as the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone and smart cameras.” The cameras, for instance, would auto-push photos to Dropbox’s cloud.

Dropbox is available natively on the Samsung Galaxy III, Samsung Galaxy Note II, and Samsung Galaxy Camera. Users configuring the devices will be offered free 50GB of capacity when they activate Dropbox, according to Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, head of mobile business development. Dropbox’s new file-sharing capabilities leave a thumbnail of the original photo or video content on secondary device that are also Dropbox enabled. The actual content will not download until a user clicks on the thumbnail.

As Daring Fireball’s John Gruber pointed out, Dropbox integration is not an exclusive advantage for Samsung. Dropbox is compatible with almost everything, and even Verizon is set to get tighter integration on some devices. However, Gruber noted the partnership certainly gives Samsung an “out-of-the-box advantage, and it may well introduce many people to Dropbox for the first time.”

Get the full report at ComputerWorld.

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