HTC CEO Peter Chou is going Steve Ballmer over the company’s upcoming M7 smartphone.

The executive publicly played with the M7, as seen in the NextTV’s video clip below, and repeatedly chanted the smartphone’s name in an excited tone during the company’s year-end banquet on Friday.

“This event today is a great opportunity for testing. I was still testing it just now,” said Chou on stage, as reported by Engadget via cnYES [translated], and then he briefly pulled out both silver and black editions of the yet-to-be released smartphone.

The quality of the video isn’t too great, and the above screenshots are from the event’s projection screen, so the only obvious details about the M7 is that it is slim and sports the iconic HTC camera with two lines on the back.

The M7 doesn’t look to have a 4.7-inch display, but HTC will confirm any rumored specs when, according to HTC chairperson Cher Wang, the device launches later this month.

Check out the video below. 

(via Engadget )

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