HTC’s event is next Tuesday and leaked images of a HTC One device —codenamed “M7″—are popping up left and right in silvery white-looking colors and now black.

UnwiredView posted an image of the black device on Friday and reiterated there are no new design aspects to report. The image looks like a press shot and shows off the same hardware and UI designs previously leaked.

The M7, pegged as HTC’s flagship device running a 5-inch 1080p display similar to the Droid DNA, will also likely get some airtime at MWC in Barcelona after unveiling next week.

Other rumored specs include a 13-megapixel camera and quad-core processor, and it should roll out to the four major U.S. carriers. However, Verizon, unlike the other three, will allegedly see a later March 22 launch. Pricing will look the same for all carriers, though:  $300 for the 64GB capacity and $200 for 32GB.

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