Just as it did last winter with an online holiday guide for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Google has developed a similar website so the world can now “enjoy the Oscars with Google.”

The website is a part of Google’s Inside Search and touts how film buffs can prepare for, have fun with, and watch the Oscars simply by using Google products. The page itself acts like a guide, features this year’s nominees upfront, and serves up a variety of Oscars-related tools and links.

Google posted a prediction list of which nominees could win based on Search volume, highlighted a composite reel of 2012’s best films (above), and advertised voice search as a way to discover movie trivia. The Internet Giant also suggested folks use Google Play to watch the nominated films vi Google Play and said an inside look at the theatre hosting the Oscars would come soon to Google Maps.

Additional highlights on the Inside Search Oscars page include a link to YouTube’s My Acceptance Speech, where avid fans can upload their version of an acceptance speech, and an interactive map that explore where films take place and the birthplaces of several nominees.

The 85th Academy Awards will air Feb. 24, 2013. Check out a few tweets and screenshots of Google’s guide below, or just go Inside Search’s Oscars page.

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