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Microsoft is still going  with its Scroogled ad campaign (though by the production value, they aren’t investing much).  Dubbed  ‘misleading and intellectually dishonest’  this campaign has tried to paint Google as a company without scruples but in playing sloppy with facts, does the opposite.

This particular ad focuses on schools. Microsoft recently offloaded all of their unsold Surface RTs to the education market for reduced fees. They have a Bing for Schools search engine which doesn’t show ads in the results. Google’s search engine does but its other education products don’t.

As for Google, they say there are no ads for Students,Faculty and Staff in their Free Apps for Education product.

Inbox space for everything, and no ads

Google Apps offers up to 30GB of storage per user, powerful spam filtering and a 99.9% uptime SLA. All hosted by Google – there’s no cost, and no ads for students, faculty or staff.

So, uhh, back to the drawing board? 

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