It will come as little surprise that Samsung is working on a successor to the Galaxy Gear and that a Galaxy S 5 on the horizon. However, a new rumor courtesy of etnews via SamMobile indicates the Korean giant is looking to launch both the next-generation Gear and S 5 at the same time. Realistically, that seems logical so while this is a pure rumor for now, it’s certainly a rumor that makes sense.

According to the source, Samsung is looking at a March-April 2014 launch date for the Galaxy S 5 and therefore around that time for the Galaxy Gear 2. With the Galaxy Gear said to have shipped more than 800,000 units thus far, it’s no surprise that the company will move fast on the model. The next-gen Gear will likely be 15-20% thinner than the previous version if these rumors pan out.

Like all good Samsung rumors, we’re chalking this one up with a grain of salt and while I remain hopeful these pan out, I’m certainly not putting any calendar days in permanent ink.


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