rumor Stories May 11, 2016



Just like pretty much every other Android handset ever, we already know — or think we know — a lot of specifications and other details about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 6. Now, via Evan Blass, it looks like we have pretty solid confirmation of when the phone will be hitting shelves in the United States: the week of August 15th…

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rumor Stories March 21, 2016



The HTC One M10 — rumored to be called simply the HTC 10 — has already leaked almost in full at this point. The phone, perhaps unsurprisingly, is going to ship with very similar specs as other early 2016 Android flagships, including of course being built around Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 system-on-a-chip. Now, Evleaks has come out to contradict some previous rumors saying that its previously-rumored AMOLED display is actually going to be a Super LCD 5 and that the phone will have a 3,000 mAh battery…

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rumor Stories February 19, 2016


lg g5

First details about LG’s upcoming G5 smartphone first showed up 2 months ago, and the first sketchy renders followed shortly after, but it wasn’t until just recently that the phone first appeared in the flesh on the Dubai equivalent of Craigslist. Now, after seeing the phone in a dummy shell, its Quick Cover case officially unveiled by LG, and benchmarks revealing its performance, Evan Blass has come out just days before the phone’s announcement to all but confirm everything we’ve seen thus far…

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rumor Stories January 23, 2016


samsung galaxy s7

According to a tweet from renowned smartphone leaker Evan Blass, Samsung is targeting Friday, March 11th as the release date for the Samsung Galaxy S7. The phone’s announcement will almost surely be happening during a press conference before the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, giving the South Korean company just a couple of weeks to get the phone pushed out to retail after it’s shown off on stage…

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rumor Stories January 21, 2016


ASUS Zenfone 2 Review! - YouTube 2015-06-19 12-51-56

If you’re looking for the specs of the highest-end (and likely most popular) ASUS ZenFone 3, I don’t have anything for you. But a couple new benchmarks appeared on GFXBench recently, and they might be showcasing some specs for two of the upcoming phone’s lower-end variants. The model numbers are ASUS Z010DD and ASUS Z012D, and they seem to be closer to the budget realm rather than being this year’s refresh of the 4GB RAM beast that we saw last year with the ZenFone 2…

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rumor Stories January 11, 2016



Update: A Googler from the event says that this was a typo—someone did a find/replace and accidentally replaced the word “Android TV” with “Living Room”. There is no product called “Living Room”.

Google’s Ubiquity developer summit is scheduled to kick off later today, but the event’s schedule of events is already available for your perusing. After a quick perusal ourselves (tipped off via Reddit), we noticed that the schedule (as Google I/O schedules have in the past) reveals a Google product we haven’t yet heard about. It’s called “Living Room,” and it’s mentioned on the schedule as a consumer product alongside Chromecast…

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rumor Stories November 11, 2015



According to Steve Jurvetson, venture capitalist and board member at pioneer quantum computing company D-WAVE (as well as others, such as Tesla and SpaceX), Google has what may be a “watershed” quantum computing announcement scheduled for early next month. This comes as D-WAVE, which notably also holds the Mountain View company as a customer, has just sold a 1000+ Qubit 2X quantum computer to national security research institution Los Alamos… expand full story

rumor Stories September 25, 2015



Google has an event scheduled for September 29th, at which the company is expected to launch its upcoming lineup of Nexus phones, new Chromecast hardware, and more. The two new Nexus devices are surely going to ship with Android Marshmallow, and that means that over-the-air rollout of Marshmallow to older devices is set to begin sometime soon as well.

According to leaked schedule from Canada’s second largest mobile carrier, Telus, the day that’s set to happen is October 5th… expand full story

rumor Stories September 8, 2015


Of the Nexus announcements scheduled for later this month, the rumored LG Nexus 5 is definitely the one we know more about. A month ago the first full renders leaked, and just a few weeks ago, a photo of the device in the flesh managed to leak out as well. At least a couple publications have confirmed that this physical build is indeed the new Nexus, and we’ve even seen independent reports confirming its specifications as well.

But it’s not over yet, as Android Pit has now come out with images it claims are the new device, and they’re definitely the best look we’ve had yet… expand full story

rumor Stories September 4, 2015


We told you yesterday about an unknown LG “V” handset, and now Evan Blass of evleaks has confirmed that this device is indeed the LG V10 handset that he shared many details about just a few days ago. Evan said that the device has an “auxiliary ticker display” not unlike that of the ye olde Samsung Continuum, and also went on to share some the specs of the yet-to-be-announced phone… expand full story

rumor Stories September 3, 2015


As we near the September 29 announcement of Google’s new Nexus handsets, the rumors, reports, and speculation just keep building. According to a new report out of Android Authority this morning, the upcoming LG Nexus 5 is going to sport the name “Nexus 5X,” although a “decision on the final name has not been taken yet at Google HQ.” Additionally, the phone is said to start at $400, which is $50 more than the previous Nexus 5 launched in 2013… expand full story

rumor Stories August 31, 2015

Report: LG ‘Nexus 5’ to have Snapdragon 808, 5.2-inch Display, 2700mAh Battery, USB-C, more

According to a report earlier today out of Android Police citing a “reliable source,” LG’s upcoming to “Nexus 5” (which reportedly isn’t firmly the device’s name yet), will sport a Snapdragon 808, a 5.2-inch 1080p Display, 3 GB RAM, a 2700 mAh battery, USB-C support, a 12.3-megapixel main sensor, and a 5-megapixel front camera…

rumor Stories July 2, 2015



A pair of interesting developments concerning the upcoming OnePlus 2 smartphone have emerged recently. First off, three variants of the device have been spotted on the Bluetooth SIG website. The variants all have been certified with hardware build 2.2 and software build 2.01 for Bluetooth 4.1.

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rumor Stories June 11, 2015



According to a new report from Reuters, BlackBerry is considering releasing a smartphone with Android installed, as opposed to its own BlackBerry 10 operating system. The reasoning for the switch to Android is to allow BlackBerry to focus on software and device management. When asked about the report, BlackBerry said that it does not comment on “rumors and speculation” and is still committed to BlackBerry 10.

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rumor Stories June 2, 2015



According to Italian HDBlog via SamMobile, Samsung is planning on launching what is essentially a larger Galaxy S6 Edge and will call it the Galaxy S6 Plus. The device is apparently codenamed Project Zero 2. The South Korean electronics giant is expected to release the new phone in the coming weeks before IFA 2015 where it is still plans to release the Galaxy Note 5, which is being called Project Noble inside the company.

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rumor Stories May 20, 2015

Samsung’s J.K. Shin refutes rumor that the Galaxy Note 5 is coming in July

A sketchy rumor surfaced earlier this week suggesting that Samsung was planning to launch its Galaxy Note 5 flagship early this year, pegged for release sometime in July. And as often happens with rumors of this variety, Samsung has come out to outright deny it.

Korean news outlet WhoWired was first the report on the rumor, and the same publication has now shared quotes directly from Samsung’s mobile head, J.K. Shin. Not only has he denied the rumor that the Note 5 was coming early, but Shin also refuted rumors that initial sales of the S6 line was below expectations.

While we won’t know the true legitimacy of the rumor until July rolls around, it looks like this one can be laid to rest for the time being.

rumor Stories April 27, 2015

Nokia publicly refutes reports claiming the company plans to start selling smartphones again

At least one report published last week claimed that Nokia had plans to once again start making and selling smartphones, and another report was published more recently on a Chinese website claiming the same (and also going as far as to quote a Nokia representative on the issue directly). A new statement released by the company on Sunday has essentially called both of these rumors simply untrue…

April 26, 2015

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Nokia notes recent news reports claiming the company communicated an intention to manufacture consumer handsets out of a R&D facility in China. These reports are false, and include comments incorrectly attributed to a Nokia Networks executive.

Nokia reiterates it currently has no plans to manufacture or sell consumer handsets.

It’s worth noting that this is simply a reiteration of a statement the company previously gave on the matter, and it doesn’t necessarily prove that the company won’t be reentering the smartphone market at some time in the coming years. The company’s “official” plans could change at any moment, and it’s no surprise that the company would defend its official stance on the matter.

Microsoft has the rights to use the Nokia brand until 2016, and that’s precisely the timeframe that reports suggest that a Nokia smartphone will reappear. Considering the company has released the N1 running Android, it’s definitely possible that a future smartphone, should it exist, could run Google’s mobile OS as well.

rumor Stories April 14, 2015


glass 21

The next iteration of Google Glass is already in the works, but not much information has surfaced thus far about what the device’s hardware will be like. Google has given much of its focus and attention to the Glass at Work program over the last couple of years, and it’s no secret that specific work applications have been where the device has found its best use cases, but what will that mean for the direction that Google takes with the device’s hardware in the future?

A newly-published patent might give us an idea, and it might involve a new way to get information from the wearable display device based on where you’re looking. expand full story

rumor Stories March 12, 2015



<a href="">Purported rendering</a> of the LG G4

LG has already said that it is working on a phone that is a bit higher-end than its upcoming LG G4 handset, and it looks like the company might go with the familiar “Note” moniker to set this device apart from its siblings. A high-end large screen smartphone specifically called the “G Note” is reportedly in the works (via Korea Herald), and it looks like LG even applied for a trademark for the phablet earlier this month…

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rumor Stories February 25, 2015


Samsung had seemingly done an excellent job at keeping its upcoming Galaxy S6 flagship under wraps, but now an XDA Developers user has allegedly gotten his hands on at least one variant of the device. The pictures unfortunately are not of the greatest quality as the phone is wrapped in bubble wrap, but they do give us one of the best looks at what could be the device to date.

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rumor Stories February 11, 2015


1st Gen Chromebook Pixel

1st Gen Chromebook Pixel

According to a bug reported spotted in the Chromium project issue tracker, Google is currently working on a second-generation Chromebook Pixel. Noticed by OMG Chrome, a Google employee recently filed a bug report associated with the Samus development board, which at this point, is unreleased to the public. The original Chromebook Pixel was codenamed the Link within Google’s headquarters.

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rumor Stories January 21, 2015



A new report from The Information claims that Google is preparing to sell cellular plans directly to customers. The report, citing “three people with knowledge of the plans,” says that Google will sell customers the service and manage their calls and data, much like other U.S. carriers: expand full story

rumor Stories January 20, 2015

Samsung reportedly working on new tablets with 4:3 aspect ratios

According to a new report out of the usually reliable SamMobile, Samsung is working on handful of new tablets with a 4:3 aspect ratio, similar to what is found on Apple’s iPad and the Nexus 9. The company is reportedly working on four new tablets, the SM-T35x/SM-T55x and the SM-P35x/SM-P55x. The former of those pairs will have 8-inch displays, while the latter will have 9.7-inch panels.

rumor Stories January 19, 2015

Samsung said to ditch removable battery in favor of new glass design w/ Galaxy S6

It has been reported several times that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S6 will ditch the company’s classic all plastic design in favor of something of higher quality, which has been thought to be a metal-build. Today, however, a new report out of Korea, which should be taken with a grain of salt, says that Samsung is looking to make the Galaxy S6 out of all glass. If that sounds familiar, it’s because that’s how Apple designed its iPhone 4 and 4s.

rumor Stories January 4, 2015


Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge

According to a new report out of the usually-reliable SamMobile, Samsung will have its latest Galaxy S6 flagship on display at CES 2015 this week. Unfortunately, however, the device will not be showed to consumers, but rather only to select partners. Presumably, those partners include carriers and accessory makers.

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rumor Stories December 23, 2014


ASUS 2014-12-22 09-18-43

We told you yesterday about a new phone that ASUS is teasing, and the company made it look like it had some kind of interesting tricks up its sleeve (dual back cameras?) for the upcoming ZenFone refresh. But while the next ZenFone is definitely expected to be announced at the upcoming CES 2015, new specs have shown up in documents submitted to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (via Android Police) for a phone dubbed the “ZC451CG,” and they aren’t all that spectacular.

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rumor Stories December 21, 2014


Back in November, we saw a handful of screenshots from an HTC One M8 leak, showing what was believed to be Android 5.0 Lollipop and HTC Sense 6.0 running on the device. This weekend, notorious HTC leaker LlabTooFeR has revealed even more images of the Android 5.0 + Sense 6.0 combination.

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rumor Stories December 16, 2014



OnePlus has announced this morning that the One, its flagship smartphone, will soon be getting a software update that brings a new audio enhancement software called “MaxxAudio” from GRAMMY Award winning company, Waves Audio. But that’s not all that’s happening in the world of OnePlus today, as rumors have begun swirling that the company plans to introduce a couple of new devices—and hardware updates to the One—very soon.

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rumor Stories December 9, 2014



The Galaxy Note 4, Samsung’s current flagship phablet, is already available in two variations: one with a Samsung Exynos 7 processor (SM-N910C), and one with a Snapdragon 805 (SM-N910S). The difference between them is almost negligible, but a rumor this morning out of the fairly-reliable-for-Samsung-rumors SamMobile suggests that Samsung is testing another variation of the Note 4, this time with Snapdragon’s upcoming 810 system-on-a-chip.

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rumor Stories December 3, 2014



According some speculation from DroidForums, Motorola is working on a new “Droid” phone that’s largely based physically on the Nexus 6, but is going to have specs that make Google’s latest smartphone look pale in comparison. The device is said to sport the same 5.9-inch QHD display as the Nexus 6, but will come with a next generation Snapdragon 810 processor. The most interesting part of this rumor, and part of what actually helps us believe its legitimacy, is that the source claims this phone might not be a “Droid” at all, and that it might just be another Motorola-branded alternative.

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rumor Stories October 9, 2014



The Wall Street Journal has published a new report claiming that Google plans to release the Nexus 6 at some point this month. The article, citing three sources, is incredibly sparse on details, but does corroborate all of what we exclusively reported last month.

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rumor Stories October 8, 2014



Thanks to various leaks over the past few weeks, HTC’s Nexus 9 tablet has been all but confirmed. This morning, though, HTC’s president of North Asia Jack Tong reportedly told members of the press that the Nexus 9 is the company’s “commitment” to returning to the tablet market. This is significant because, despite all of the leaks, HTC has yet to formally acknowledge the existence of the tablet.

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rumor Stories July 21, 2014



Photos of the upcoming successor to the Moto G have leaked online this morning, along with a barebones specification sheet. 1068 XT is the model number to the new device says MallandonoAndroid, also stating that the device’s official name is “Moto G 2nd generation”.

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rumor Stories July 4, 2014



Another alleged live photo of the rumored Samsung Galaxy F device has appeared (via GSMArena), and it appears to sport a bezel that looks very similar to another smartphone we all know very well. The rumored-to-be premium version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 has appeared in countless other leaks and live photos, but this is the first we’ve seen of the device close up like this.

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rumor Stories June 20, 2014



Motorola has been aggressively pushing its Moto X lately, but the smartphone’s rumored successor appears to be coming along. Pictured above is a purported shot of the Moto X+1 wrapped up in plastic like it was killed by a mafia hitman. Not exactly a fashion statement, the device’s operator claims that this was done to hide identifying markings on the handset.

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rumor Stories June 10, 2014




While Samsung has been producing its own in-house smartphone chips for a while now, its last few flagship smartphones have used a Qualcomm chips. According to a new report out of SamMobile, however, Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 flagship might shift back to Samsung’s in-house Exynos processors. Samsung Exynos devices have been available in select markets recently, but availability has been scattered due to the chip’s lack of support for LTE.

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rumor Stories June 4, 2014


HTC's failed Facebook phone

HTC’s failed Facebook phone

Because apparently it’s what the world needs, HTC is reportedly developing a phone that will be marketed as the “ultimate selfie phone.” According to the normally reliable evleaks, the device is codenamed Eye and will be coming to AT&T with a fourth quarter release. Other details are still sparse, but the big thing is, it’s a sefie phone, capable of taking the ultimate selfie.

Back in 2011, HTC released the ChaCha, better known as the Facebook phone, that failed miserably. It appears, more than two years later, that the company learned absolutely nothing with that device and is going to continue to make gimmicky phones that no one will buy.

Nevertheless, if you, for some reason, want a phone that’s capable of taking the ultimate selfie and other phones just don’t work well enough for you, wait until Q4 for the HTC Eye. It’s unclear what the device will have that makes it better for selfies than other devices, but presumably we’ll see a few leaks between now and the launch to tell us.

But first….let me take a selfie.

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rumor Stories May 29, 2014

Rumor: HTC ‘One Wear’ smartwatch to be round, available in polycarbonate and metal

The very same guy who brought us video footage of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Active more than a week before it was officially released has today published a bit of information about the upcoming HTC smartwatch, tentatively named the “One Wear.”

It’s been an interesting few days here in Taiwan. Sources have provided more than rumors but a actual demo of the HTC smart watch. I did ask for a name. Tentatively it’s called the One Wear, slated to launch late august early September of this year. The design is round much like the Moto 360, will be available in a polycarbonate and metal flavors.

While these Taiwan-sourced rumors should probably be taken with a grain of salt, none of this supposedly leaked information sounds particularly out of place. First of all, Google has already told us that they’re working with a wide variety of manufacturers, one of which being HTC. And with a tentative name like “One Wear,” it’s likely that the device being referenced is indeed HTC’s foray into Android Wear.

rumor Stories May 26, 2014

Sketchy leak suggests cheaper HTC One M8 ‘Ace’ variant coming June 3 w/ single camera

We told you about the rumored HTC One M8 “Ace” in previous reports, but now some leaked specifications from sketchy Chinese website ifanr say that the purportedly cheaper phone will sport the recently-popular Snapdragon 801 processor, 2 GB of RAM, a high-resolution 5-inch display, and the latest versions of Android as well as HTC’s Sense technology (via Android Central).

rumor Stories May 23, 2014


Over the past couple of months, rumors of major changes to Gmail on Android have been circulating. leaked screenshots of a redesigned interface that was very colorful compared to the current app. We reported on some new features coming to the app, as well, including a snooze functionality. Now, Google+ user Yoel Kaseb has posted some images of what he claims is a redesigned Gmail app for Android. Kaseb also leaked images of a Google+ update that ended up being almost entirely true.

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rumor Stories May 22, 2014


oculus rift

Samsung is reportedly developing its own VR headset, a device that will be similar in many ways to the Oculus Rift, for use with its flagship Galaxy smartphones and tablets (via Engadget). This headset is apparently separate from the “Galaxy Glass” project that is slated to be unveiled later this year.

The VR headset is being described as a peripheral, as opposed to a stand-alone product, and will require a connection to a Samsung device in order to function. expand full story

rumor Stories May 20, 2014




There’s leaks, and then there’s this. @evleaks has posted a full, rotating render of the HTC M8 Prime. The Prime is rumored to have updated specs and a larger design in order to better compete with the LG G3, rumored Galaxy S5 Prime, and a larger iPhone later this year. The full render is included after the break. expand full story

rumor Stories May 19, 2014



Chang Dong-hoon may be out as Samsung’s head of mobile design, but his influence may still be on the company for quite a while. Pictured above is an alleged photo of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, an upgrade to the South Korean electronics maker’s Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. These images come from the folks at PhoneArena who claim the handset touts a QHD display, a quad-core Snapdragon 805 processor, Adreno 420 GPU, 3GB of RAM and Android 4.4.3 KitKat all wrapped up an aluminum chassis.

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rumor Stories May 16, 2014



Verizon may soon be launching an “XLTE” network that will be powered by AWS spectrum. Recently rumored and reaffirmed by wireless news leaker @evleaks, Big Red’s new setup could be going live sometime this year. The carrier is expected to make an announcement next week, which will hopefully fill in some blanks about its new service.

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rumor Stories May 8, 2014



Motorola’s website has been the source of various leaks in the last few weeks, and today we have another one. Captured in an image after the break by the @evleaks Twitter account, the website leaked only the name — no image or details are available. The device has also so far slipped by under the radar, with basically nothing being known about it. expand full story

rumor Stories April 28, 2014



Earlier this month, @evleaks tweeted an image of a mysterious device dubbed the HTC M8 Ace. At the time, very few details about it were known. Engadget, however, is now reporting that the HTC M8 Ace will essentially be HTC’s answer to the Galaxy S5, but cheaper.

Much like the Galaxy S5, the M8 Ace will feature an all-plastic design. The specs will also be nearly identical, with the M8 Ace packing a 5-inch 1080p display and a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor.

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The Galaxy S5 may have just hit store shelves and the hands of users, but it seems as if Samsung is already planning an upgraded version of its flagship device. According to a report from SamMobile (via Phandroid), the Galaxy S5 Prime will launch in June. In addition to the quad-HD (2560×1440) display, the device would also feature higher-end specs than the Galaxy S5: expand full story

rumor Stories April 22, 2014

HTC One M8 Mini reportedly coming to Verizon

The HTC One M8 Mini — talk about a mouthful — is rumored to be on its way to Verizon, if @evleaks on Twitter is to be believed. The HTC One M8 recently launched to a very warm reception, though some critiques did state that the device is difficult to hold due to its large size and slick metallic back.

Essentially no other details are known about the HTC One M8 Mini, though it’s a good bet that it could match its larger counterpart on almost every point. The screen will likely come in at about 4.3″, and may have a 720p display as such. Other than that, it’s it’s likely the Mini will retain the same design, camera, speakers, and internal specs as the One M8.

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