[protected-iframe id=”51a2cae011875bc424f221d83668d301-22427743-3648805″ info=”http://www.dailymotion.com/embed/video/k1Hw3BmLT9UDeW53Rup” width=”600″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″]

Update: TechCrunch reports that this video is fake.

Update #2: TechCrunch now reports the video is real and commissioned by Yahoo!, but not a real product yet.

With Yahoo’s acquisition of SkyPhrase, a natural language processing startup this month questions immediately arose as to how Yahoo would incorporate the technology. Now, thanks to a video on Daily Motion discovered by Android Police, we may have our answer as Yahoo prepares a Google Now/Siri voice-controlled personal assistant.

The forty-three second video doesn’t show off enough to truly gleam just how successful or unsuccessful Yahoo’s new voice app will be, but it does give a glimpse into what’s coming. It appears at first glance to be a conversational mix between Google Now and Siri with information regarding travel time, traffic delays, restaurant locations etc. Everything stems from the Y! icon at the top of the homescreen, and the information displays in a bubble-like interface reminiscent of Facebook’s Chat Heads.

There’s still plenty of questions we want to ask like: Where and when Yahoo will launch this app? Will it be on both Android and iOS? Will it come as part of a dedicated app? Given Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s commitment to mobile, there’s good reasoning to suspect we’ll have our answers to these questions and more soon.

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