Update: In keeping with the square theme, Google has taken this anniversary as an opportunity to join Instagram, hooray! First post is the Rubik’s Cube in video.

This may just be the best Google Doodle yet: a fully-functional Rubik’s Cube! Click on the small cube to open up the interactive version. Click and drag any row or column to rotate it, and do the same underneath or alongside the cube to turn the entire cube … 


The Rubik’s Cube was invented back in 1974 and became the world’s best-selling toy, selling more than 350M units. If you want to try for the world record, you may want to practice your mousing skills first: the current record, set by Mats Valk in March of last year, was just 5.55 seconds.

This has, however, been beaten by a robot. CubeStormer III, a robot built using Lego Mindstorms and a Samsung Galaxy S4 solved the cube in 3.25 seconds.

[tweet https://twitter.com/google/status/468459487230033920]

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