Google Doodle Stories May 11

Google reminds everyone that today is Mother’s Day w/ Doodle in Pixel Launcher

It’s the second Sunday in May, and for those of us in the United States and many other parts of the globe, that means it’s Mother’s Day. In case you were too wrapped up with the excitement this week—perhaps Google I/O—and forgot, Google is ready to remind you, with a new Mother’s Day Google Doodle that extends to the Pixel Launcher.

Google Doodle Stories April 10

Google celebrates first black hole image with ‘special’ Doodle

Google Doodles usually debut at midnight local time, but from time to time appear during the middle of the day in response to notable events. That was the case on Wednesday afternoon following this morning’s unveiling of the first image of a black hole.

Google Doodle Stories March 20

First AI-powered Google Doodle celebrates Bach and creates harmonized melodies

Following yesterday’s Spring (or Fall) Doodle that also appeared in the Pixel Launcher’s search bar, Google is celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach. This music making experience is Google’s first AI-powered Doodle, and lets users create a harmonized melody in the style of the Baroque composer.

Google Doodle Stories March 12

Google Doodle celebrates 30th anniversary of World Wide Web

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee submitted “Information Management: A Proposal” to CERN. Thirty years later, the web has had a revolutionary impact on the world, and is marking the occasion today with a quaint Doodle.

Google Doodle Stories February 3

The traditional Chinese calendar, which incorporates 12 zodiac animals, leverages moon cycles to mark the new year. In 2019, this date falls on February 5th and begins the Year of the Pig. To celebrate, Tuesday’s Google Doodle incorporates an AI Experiment that novelly uses your device’s front-facing camera to teach shadow puppetry.

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Google Doodle Stories January 21

Google celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. Day with special Doodle from guest artist

Google Doodles are often used on the search giant’s homepage to recognize an important date, event, or holiday. Today, in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the company has put up a special Doodle from a guest artist.

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