Google Doodle Stories November 10

Google honors US military w/ Veterans Day 2019 Doodle

Today is Veterans Day in the United States, and Google is honoring all service members of the US military with a homepage Doodle drawn by a veteran.

Google Doodle Stories November 4

In honor of Native American Indian Heritage Month, Google is displaying a homepage Doodle featuring Cherokee actor Will Rogers.

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Google Doodle Stories November 2

Today marks the final day of Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead celebrations both in Mexico and around the world, and the Google homepage is joining the festivities with a fantastic skeletal Doodle.

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Google Doodle Stories October 31

If the chill of fright in the air wasn’t enough to tip you off, today is Halloween! Google is joining the festivities with an elaborate, interactive Halloween Doodle that allows you to go trick-or-treating to a handful of houses.

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Google Doodle Stories October 26

Google Doodle honors the memory of poet Sylvia Plath on her 87th birthday

This morning’s Google Doodle is celebrating the work of American writer Sylvia Plath, whose candid, exacting poetry and novels have resonated with the hearts of multiple generations.

Google Doodle Stories October 13

Google celebrates Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau w/ multiple animated doodles

Google is honoring the 218th birthday of Belgian physicist and an early inventor of animation Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau with three different animated doodles. Check them out!

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