Google Doodle Stories July 27

Google Doodle honors Lyudmila Rudenko, first woman to win chess International Master title

Today’s Google Doodle honors Lyudmila Rudenko, a Ukraine-born woman who went on to become the second woman to win the Women’s World Chess Championship and the first woman to be awarded the International Master title in the World Chess Federation.

Google Doodle Stories May 3

Google Doodles are remarkably emblematic of the company’s whimsical nature and serve as an important, perpetual marker of an event or person. Today’s animation does both, celebrating the 1913 release of director George Méliès’ masterpiece The Conquest of the Pole. Google appropriately marked the occasion with its first-ever VR-enabled and 360° video Doodle.

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Google Doodle Stories March 6

Everyone knows that Google’s search engine front page is a behemoth of a traffic driver even if it has lost a little traffic in the past several years since because every browser has turned the URL bar into the de facto search engine query box. That real estate on the homepage is still some of the most valuable space on the web and Google, still showing its quirky roots, more often than not, puts up a Google Doodle to mark the day.  But that doodle is fleeting — it only lasts the day on the homepage, shared throughout with world with other localized doodles and then is relegated to the archives.

But being a doodle for a day, because of Google’s great economic power to send clicks, however puts the subject matter all over the place in more permanent forms…

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Google Doodle Stories September 27, 2017

Google is officially 19 years old today, and the company is celebrating by giving you another chance to play 19 of its best Google Doodle games.

Billions of searches later, perhaps the happiest happenstance has been how Google has grown throughout the past 19 years. Named for the number “googol” (a 1 followed by one hundred zeroes), Google inches closer to its namesake each year, currently serving more than 4.5 billion users in 160 countries speaking 123 languages worldwide.

Upon clicking today’s Doodle, we invite you to explore 19 surprises we’ve launched over the past 19 years – including our brand new Search easter egg: Snake Game! So give it a spin and thanks for celebrating with us!

The choice of September 27 as Google’s birthday is, though, somewhat random …

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Google Doodle Stories February 23, 2017

The latest Google Doodle celebrates the discovery of a new planetary system and it’s kind of adorable

Just yesterday, NASA announced that a team of astronomers made a massive discovery, a new planetary system of seven exoplanets, some of which are similar in size to Earth and could potentially have water and support organic life. It’s an important discovery, and Google is today celebrating it with an adorable new Google Doodle.

Google Doodle Stories January 28, 2017

Google celebrates the Chinese New Year with new Doodle, Arts & Culture project

Today marks the 2017 Chinese New Year also know as the Lunar New Year. This holiday — known in mainland China as the Spring Festival — marks the end of winter and the start of spring. Plus, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster!

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