Google Doodle Stories February 23

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The latest Google Doodle celebrates the discovery of a new planetary system and it’s kind of adorable

Just yesterday, NASA announced that a team of astronomers made a massive discovery, a new planetary system of seven exoplanets, some of which are similar in size to Earth and could potentially have water and support organic life. It’s an important discovery, and Google is today celebrating it with an adorable new Google Doodle.

Google Doodle Stories January 28

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Google celebrates the Chinese New Year with new Doodle, Arts & Culture project

Today marks the 2017 Chinese New Year also know as the Lunar New Year. This holiday — known in mainland China as the Spring Festival — marks the end of winter and the start of spring. Plus, 2017 is the Year of the Rooster!

Google Doodle Stories January 6

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Google app adds new high-level Notifications setting, currently provides alert for new Doodles

A server-side update rolling out to many users of the Google app today adds an interesting new Notifications page to settings. At the moment, the only option is to turn on notifications for Google’s homepage doodles, but nevertheless is quite notable for how high-level it is.

Google Doodle Stories July 5, 2016

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When you need a spacecraft to fire its rocket for 35 minutes some five years after it left Earth, there has to be an anxious moment or two wondering whether it will work – all the more so when it’s been subjected to a radiation dose equivalent to a million dental x-rays. But NASA’s Juno probe performed perfectly, and Google is celebrating the fact with an animated Doodle

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Google Doodle Stories April 22, 2016

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Google Play Music honors Prince by going purple, Android app testing new search bar

After a months-long wait, Google Play Music finally added podcasts features earlier this week. To pay homage to the passing of music icon Prince yesterday, the web app has since adopted a purple theme. Additionally, some users (via Android Police) are now seeing a new search bar in the Android app.

Google Doodle Stories January 18, 2016

GOOG: 694.45


Google’s doodle honors Martin Luther King Jr.

Unsurprisingly, Google’s Doodle for today honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. You can find the logo on the Google homepage, and clicking the logo does a quick search for “Martin Luther King Jr. Day”. The search page shows a smaller version of the logo in the top left corner, and you can find a full-resolution version over at Google’s blog post for today.

Said post reads:

Today’s doodle honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., a Baptist minister, community activist, philosopher and humanitarian. His leadership of the American Civil Rights movement,Nobel Peace Prize for non-violent civil disobedience in the face of racial injustice, and eventual martyrdom for the cause, cements his place as a hero for peace and justice worldwide.

As per Google’s Doodles site, the reach of today’s logo is unsurprisingly restricted to the United States. Many of those residing in the US of A—especially grade school and college students, as well as government employees—are probably enjoying this federal holiday off, so you might actually have time to read about some of the logos Google has put up on its homepage on this day in the past.

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