There’s leaks, and then there’s this. @evleaks has posted a full, rotating render of the HTC M8 Prime. The Prime is rumored to have updated specs and a larger design in order to better compete with the LG G3, rumored Galaxy S5 Prime, and a larger iPhone later this year. The full render is included after the break.

The device is rumored to be made of a combination of aluminum and liquid silicone. It may also bring at least some level of waterproofing to HTC’s lineup, and add a category 6 LTE radio. Beyond that, there’s a SnapDragon 805 chip powering a 5.5″ QHD display.

It’s obvious that the device is a direct descendent of the HTC One M8, though there are some subtle differences. The colors, for instance, are far more playful. The front-facing speakers are still included, as is the dual-lens camera system. The only noticeable difference is that the bottom lens protrudes from the back — perhaps HTC has increased the megapixel count in reaction to the criticism the HTC One M8’s camera received.


There’s no word on when exactly this device will be released, or how much it will cost. Considering that the HTC One M8 has been out for less than three months, I’d bet on seeing the Prime appear in mid-Summer. But then, I’ve never been a betting man.

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