Yesterday, we reported on a rumor from a Korean website claiming that the up-and-coming LG G Watch will include an embedded, unremovable SIM card. While nothing is conclusive, a dig through the FCC website has unearthed some documents making up a filing for what we believe is the upcoming LG G Watch, and—unsurprisingly—there isn’t any mention of Wi-Fi or cellular radios.

The documents have ID ZNFW100, referring to “ZNF” as the manufacturer code, and W100 as the product code. “W100” may very well refer to watch model 100, and this combined with the fact that the RF Exposure Report mentions the device as being a “Smart Watch” leads us to believe that these documents are for none other than LG’s first entry into the Android Wear market. Additionally, these documents are surely not for any of LG’s past smart watches, as the issue date for the aforementioned exposure report is May 6, 2014.

Other documents found for this specific product code include a Bluetooth report, as well as an FCCID label which will likely be found in all its glory on the back of the watch once it’s released. Fittingly, the label is small and square, which further supports evidence that these documents are indeed for the G Watch.

apWithin the RF Exposure Report the device is listed as having modules for both Bluetooth and BLE (Bluetooth Low-Energy), which comes as no surprise as those are the radios most have assumed will be used for the device to communicate with Android smartphones. An 82-page Bluetooth report is also included in the documents.

Most importantly, and contrary to what recent rumors have speculated, is what is missing in these documents: any mention of cellular radios. An embedded SIM card suggests that the device would have some kind of cellular functionality either at launch or at sometime in the future, and while this isn’t exactly conclusive evidence, it’s evidence nonetheless that LG’s G Watch won’t include any fancy cellular hardware after all.

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