Google updated its Hangouts Android app today with a fresh set of customizable features. Users now have access to a hidden contacts list that lets them hide people from their group without blocking their messages. In addition to adjusting your chat list, you can now assign custom notification tones to individual contacts. This nifty new feature will let you know who’s messaging you without having to look at your device. Another new feature in the latest version of Hangouts for Android is an SMS list that provides fast access to the people you’ve blocked. This new feature also makes it easier to unblock people in the event that you have a change of heart.

Lastly, a battery draining issue linked to Hangouts is expected to be resolved with this new update, according to an ongoing Google Groups thread. Google has yet to update Hangouts’ changelog in Google Play, however version 2.1.223 is now available and may take a little time to reach your device.

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