From the operating room to the classroom, Glass has been well received by the healthcare industry. So much in fact, that app makers are jumping on the bandwagon to produce Glassware specifically tailored for physicians. Spearheading this effort is Drchrono, an electronic medical records company based in Mountain View California.

Billed as the world’s “first wearable health record,” doctors can use the company’s new app to record activities like consultations and medical procedures, with a patient’s permission of course. Videos, pictures and notes are saved to a cloud-based electronic medical record system powered by Box. In addition to an accessible digital record-keeping system, physicians can easily share information with their patients when requested.

“Google is still in the early-stages of determining the most viable use-cases for Google Glass,” Drchrono co-founder Daniel Kivatinos told Reuters. “But some doctors are demanding Glass, so Google is providing resources and support to developers.”

Drchrono claims that around 60,000 registered physicians are using its electronic medical records system, with over 300 healthcare professionals adopting its app. The software is currently free, however the company may begin charging a premium in the near future.

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