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It appears that Google Glass is actually coming to the movies relatively soon, despite news that the device has been banned in one of the country’s well-known movie theater chains. In this case, the Hunger Games craze continues between movie releases with a fan-made film called “Mockingjay: Burn”, but interestingly, it could very well be one of the first Hollywood-produced films to include footage both of and from Google’s head-mounted computer.

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The short film was funded on Kickstarter in May, and reached its goal of $6,000 just a few days before the funding period ended. The movie “will show Katniss’ life as the mockingjay symbol of District 13’s rebellion juxtaposed with glimpses of the Capitol’s extravagant lifestyles.” And apparently, Katniss’ best friend in the movie will be sporting Google Glass in some scenes.

One Glass Explorer, Jeff Bond, got on board with the project to be lead technical director. He had this to say about his involvement, and the role Glass will be playing:

I was involved as lead technical director for Google Glass (along with aerial footage shot from drones, and on-scene Behind The Scene photography) and was assigned to work with +Hailey Bright who plays Cressida, who is Katniss’ best friend.

The experience was amazing, Glass will play a critical role in the movie, including both first person perspective in critical battle scenes, and also be prominently displayed being worn by Cressida.

If you’re interested in this kind of low-budget fan film (and want to check out Google Glass in action), Jeff says to look for a release date later this Summer. To check out some behind the scenes footage, head over to Jeff’s post on Google+.

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