After several weeks of trying and a bounty that exceeded $18,000, root access for Samsung’s Galaxy S5 on AT&T and Verizon has been obtained. Famed iPhone tinkerer George Hotz aka Geohot has managed to pull it off. So how does it work? To gain root access on either device, simply run a special .apk file and tap an onscreen button. That’s it. No crazy commands or lines of code.

In addition to Ma Bell’s and Big Red’s Galaxy S5, this tool can also be used to gain root access to the Galaxy S4 Active, Galaxy Note 3 and other devices with a kernel build date earlier than June 3rd. To get started visit the tool’s website, download it, install it to your device, run it and tap the “make it ra1n” button. Your phone will reboot in about 15 seconds and will restart with root in tow. Here’s a look at the process in action.

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