Reddit user Doopl has come across two screenshots of what appears to be the “L” release of Android. The screenshots come via the Chromium Issue Tracker, which has been the source of leaks many times in the past. The images show a Google login dialog box that looks entirely different than what you’ll currently see on an Android 4.4 device.

Samsung U28E590D 28-Inch 4K Monitor

There’s also an “L” in the status bar on the screenshots. You may remember that when KitKat was leaked early-on, there was a “K” in the notification bar, indicative of what was initially believed to be key lime pie. The placeholder letter appears when the device is plugged into a computer with USB debugging enabled.

Another small detail in the leaked images is the bell in the notification bar. This is believed to be a “silence all things” type of mode, similar to the Do Not Disturb feature available on iOS. The status bar on these images is also totally transparent and no longer has the slight gradient that KitKat has.

While these screenshots certainly don’t show too much, they do give us a hint of some of the tweaks we can expect to see with the “L” release of Android. Maybe we’ll hear more this week at Google I/O.

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