After its keynote yesterday, Google gave all of its I/O attendees a makeshift virtual reality headset, dubbed Cardboard, because well, it was made out of Cardboard. On its website, Google broke down all the parts you would need if you wanted to build one on your own. It looked relatively easy, but with out the pre-perferated cardboard that Google gave out, it could be tricky. Dodocase, the company behind some of the best looking iPad and iPhone cases, decided to take advantage of the hype surrounding Cardboard and release a kit for making your own.

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Dodocase is selling a toolkit for making Cardboard, with all the parts you’ll need, for just $19.95 on its website. You can cut the price down even further by applying the code “USA1” at checkout. The company said it ran the math and that if you purchased the parts individually, it would cost $45.

We gathered all the pieces you will need to assemble your very own Google cardboard VR goggle (minus the smartphone). We precut the cardboard and you should be able to assemble all the pieces in under 5 minutes. Easy Peezy. Get cracking and place your order.

You can purchase a Google Cardboard VR toolkit from Dodocase on its website now for $19.95 or $24.95 with the option NFC tag. Apply the coupon code “USA1” to cut the price by 25 percent. This makes the prices either $14.96 or $17/80. Google breaks down the instructions for putting it all togetherĀ on its website.

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