Virtual reality Stories June 16

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Virtual reality is incredibly important and YouTube has been doubling down over the past year to ensure that it is the premier platform for the format. The latest update for creators adds heatmaps to see how viewers are interacting with 360-degree and VR videos.

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Virtual reality Stories May 25

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Announced just last week, HTC today unveiled a Japan-only VR accessory for its U11 flagship. The HTC Link is not Vive-branded, but has impressive six degrees of freedom tracking (6DoF) that is a first for smartphone virtual reality.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Virtual reality Stories May 16

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What I/O 2017 set to kickoff in less than 24 hours, Google might showcase a standalone virtual reality headset at the event. Rumored for over a year, it will not require a smartphone or a PC and possibly use inside-out positional tracking.

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Virtual reality Stories April 12

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Back in June of 2016, it was revealed that Google was working on a way to make virtual reality accessible from every web browser, dubbed WebVR. Then, with the release of Chrome 56 Beta, Google started to allow developers to begin testing their WebVR projects on the web. Today, Google has published 12 WebVR experiments for users to test out not only with Daydream headsets but also those with Cardboard…

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Virtual reality Stories December 8, 2016

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Google, Samsung, and others form the Global Virtual Reality Association to create VR standards

Announced yesterday, some of the biggest names in the virtual reality world have come together to form an association that will hopefully make VR something that everyone can enjoy and partake in. This non-profit hopes to not only conduct research and identify the best practices for VR, but to also start a conversation between everyone currently involved in the field…

Virtual reality Stories July 15, 2016

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With virtual reality gaming quickly on the rise we’re seeing more and more consumers pick up VR headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Currently these are the two biggest players in the game, but if plans from Google had come to fruition, there may have been another headset on the market…

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