For years, the standard refund time on apps from the Play Store has been 15 minutes. Today, Android Police is reporting that Google is quietly rolling out a small but welcome change to that system, increasing the refund time on certain apps to two hours. The catch though is that the extended period only applies to games, so don’t expect to try out Nova Launcher Prime before making on your mind on which launcher you want to use. 

Although not officially confirmed by Google, Android Police ran a series of tests, purchasing games from the Play Store and testing how long the “refund” button remained on the app page. They found that although 15 minutes is still listed as the official refund time, it took exactly 120 minutes for the button to disappear. 

No word from Google yet as to whether or not this is just a glitch, or just an update quietly rolling out, but you can read the full report on Android Police right here