Before the unified Play branding, Google had the Android Market, Google Music, and Google eBookstore. Google decided to merge and rebrand its individual digital offerings into the Play Store in March of 2012.

The Play Store is now the default place to purchase apps, movies & television, music, books, and news subscriptions for all Android devices. The latter four offerings having their individual Android and iOS apps to watch, listen, and read purchased content. Most content can also be accessed through the web.

In April of 2016, the suite of icons were redesigned in a similar style to provide a consistent look across all devices and the web.

Google Play Store Stories February 6

How to join the Google Play Services beta on Android

Typically, when Google rolls out an update to Play Services, it introduces new features or functionality to Android. One instance of this was when Google rolled out Assistant to most modern smartphones. If you want these updates even earlier, you can enroll in Google Play Services beta track. Here’s how…

Google Play Store Stories February 1

How to update Google Play Services on Android

Google Play Services, just like most apps, gets updated through the Play Store. And just like with some apps, Play Services doesn’t get updated on the device as soon as a new version is available. Here’s how to manually update Google Play Services…

How to download applications on Android from the Google Play Store

If you’re new to the Android platform, one of the first things you need to know how to do is download and update applications. Here’s a quick Android Basics to get you started…

Google Play Store Stories January 30

Platforms with any scale have the chance to be abused and the Play Store is no exception. Today, Google detailed its efforts to protect users throughout 2017, including removal stats and its latest machine learning techniques.

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How to sign up for an Android app beta in the Google Play Store

Before developers release updates to their apps for potentially thousands to millions of users, they want to make sure there aren’t any bugs in the software. To make it easier for them to spot these, developers can release beta builds through the Play Store for users who signed up to test them. While this means an app could be buggy, it also means you usually get features before anyone else. Here’s how to sign up to beta test Android apps from the Google Play Store…

Google Play Store Stories January 25

Given the “Free up space” feature in Google Photos and the recent launch of Files Go, storage management is a significant issue for some users. The Play Store has long had a similar feature to delete apps, but Google is now testing a more prominent revamp of the functionality.

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