Between manufacturer and carrier gunk, Android is often weighed down by unwanted bloatware. When looking for a high-end handset, software purists are often pushed towards Nexus devices from Google, or stripped down ROMs furnished by software development communities. However, the folks at Motorola are looking to break this cycle with the release of its 2014 edition Moto X.

Previous versions of the Google-made smartphone shipped with near-stock Android and this time around Motorola Mobility is looking to serve up a pure vanilla software experience, with the release of what’s being referred to as the “Moto X Pure Edition,” according to The Verge. Think of it as a Google Play edition Moto X, however it’ll be sold by Motorola instead of the Play Store. In addition to an untainted Android experience, this spotless version of Motorola Mobility’s flagship smartphone will reportedly be unlocked and unbranded.

In an effort to verify the existence of the Moto X Pure Edition, we’ve reached out to Motorola for confirmation and will update this news article if any additional details become available.

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