Motorola Mobility Stories September 16, 2015

Moto X Style pre-orders go live in the UK

Motorola, this morning, opened up pre-orders for its newest flagship, the Moto X Style in the UK. While the device has been available to order in the US for a couple of weeks already, pre-sales only began today across the pond in Britain. Pricing starts at £399 and increases based on materials used on the back, or which storage option you go for.

Motorola Mobility Stories May 26, 2015

Android 5.1 rolling out to U.S. Cellular Moto X (2nd gen) and Moto E LTE

We recently heard from Motorola Senior Director of Software Development David Schuster that the company was working on testing and rolling out Android 5.1 Lollipop to the Moto X (2nd gen) and Moto E LTE, and sure enough it appears that U.S. Cellular customers should see the update hit their devices pretty soon.

According to an Android software page on U.S. Cellular’s website, the build number for Lollipop on the 2nd generation Moto X is LPE23.32-21 while for the Moto E LTE it is LPI23.29-15. Since this is an over-the-air update you’ll need to be connected to WiFi to download the software update. To check if the update is available for your device yet, open the Settings app, select About Phone, and then System Updates. If it’s rolled out to you then you’ll see information about the update and be able to begin the installation process from this screen.

Motorola Mobility Stories May 5, 2015

Motorola And Verizon Hold News Conference

Motorola Mobility, the mobile phone company sold by Google to the Chinese company Lenovo last year, has been ordered to pay $10M damages for infringing a Fujifilm patent. The patent concerned a method of converting color smartphone photos to monochrome, reports Reuters.

There’s a certain irony to the case, as Google was widely believed to have acquired Motorola in the first place for its patent portfolio, retaining most of the patents when it sold the company …  expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories April 1, 2015

Google Play Edition Moto G now receiving Android 5.1 OTA update

Google and Motorola this evening have started rolling out Android 5.1 to the Play Edition Moto G. The update carries the build number LMY47M and comes in at 171 MB. The update is rolling out now over-the-air, although as usual, it’s a staged rollout and could take a few days to hit your device (via Android Police).

Motorola Mobility Stories November 26, 2014


Republic Wireless announced today that it will begin selling the 2014 Moto X on Wednesday, December 10th. As seen with other retail outlets, the “hybrid calling” service will support device customization via the Moto Maker. Republic Wireless will offer the 16GB variant of the second-generation Moto X for $399, which is about $100 under the handset’s regular off-contract price.

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Motorola Mobility Stories November 24, 2014

Motorola now selling slim silver and gold 18mm Moto 360 starting at $300


Earlier this month, Motorola Mobility revealed a pair of new slim metal wristbands for its Moto 360 smartwatch, but absent from the company’s announcement were release dates for these stylish options. Today, however, the firm started listing these alternative bands as available on its website, but they carry a slightly higher asking price.

Motorola Mobility Stories November 21, 2014

Motorola updates its Camera and Gallery apps with a Material Design makeover

Motorola Mobility recently updated its Camera and Gallery with a splash of Material Design, giving its in-house software a refreshed feel. Owners of the Droid Turbo, Moto X and Droid Ultra can now use a wrist twist hand gesture to alternate between their respective handset’s front and back cameras, and they’ll also notice a refined flat interface that should fit in nicely with Motorola’s latest smartphone.


AT&T retail stores are reportedly being told to send back their first shipments of Google’s Nexus 6 due to a software bug identified by Motorola. The noted issues with this glitch are a blacked out screen and trouble connecting to the carrier’s service. Motorola Mobility is said to be working on restocking Ma Bell’s inventory with replacement devices, however this will likely have an impact on the handset’s availability.

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Motorola Mobility Stories November 19, 2014


Between the release of the Moto X, Droid Turbo and taking on a new taskmaster, Motorola Mobility has been extremely busy. With no signs of slowing down, the former Google company just announced the availability of the Keylink, a Bluetooth-powered fob that helps you find your misplaced keys or smartphone.

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Motorola Mobility Stories November 17, 2014

Nexus 6 pre-orders from Motorola starting to reach consumers

Nexus 6 pre-orders from Motorola are starting to reach consumers. A Reddit user recently shared proof that their order from the former Google company had arrived today via FedEx. While this might be good news for some, what about the people who ordered their device directly from Google Play?

Motorola Mobility Stories October 17, 2014


From now through October 20th, Motorola Mobility is knocking $50 off the 2014 Moto X’s asking price on Verizon. This brings the device’s purchase price down to $50 with a two year service commitment. This deal also supports customization via Motorola’s Moto Maker, which lets you tailor the handset to fit your style.

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Motorola Mobility Stories October 2, 2014

Moto 360 now available from O2 for £199.99, ships next day

UK Carrier O2 is officially offering the Moto 360 smartwatch via its website for £199.99. Currently, the device is listed as shipping next day, but as anyone who has followed the Moto 360 release knows, the device has been hard to come upon, repeatedly going in and out of stock in the United States. We wouldn’t recommend wasting too much time on pulling the trigger, O2 customers.

O2 appears to only be offering the Moto 360 in black, but we’ve already told you how to get a steel band for device on the cheap. In our review of the Moto 360, we praised the device’s design and even its battery life. We called it the “best smartwatch you can currently buy,” as well.

O2 customers can order the device on the carrier’s website right here.

Motorola Mobility Stories September 30, 2014

PSA: Moto 360 back in stock at Motorola’s online store

If you missed your chance to pick up a Moto 360 when it first went on sale, here’s your chance to score. Motorola just restocked its new smartwatch, but there’s no telling how long it will last.

Motorola Mobility Stories September 12, 2014


Between manufacturer and carrier gunk, Android is often weighed down by unwanted bloatware. When looking for a high-end handset, software purists are often pushed towards Nexus devices from Google, or stripped down ROMs furnished by software development communities. However, the folks at Motorola are looking to break this cycle with the release of its 2014 edition Moto X.

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Motorola Mobility Stories August 5, 2014



Samsung and Apple just announced that they have agreed to drop all patent suits against each other in countries outside the United States, Bloomberg reports. The two companies will drop suits against each other in Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Netherlands, the U.K., France and Italy. This agreement does not include any licensing agreements, though. This has no effect on United States battles either.

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Mysterious Motorola XT1096 reportedly being tested by Verizon

Pictured above is a box for an alleged Verizon-bound device from Motorola that carries the model number XT1096. Although we’ve heard rumors about new Motorola-made devices heading to Big Red, it’s really hard to tell what this mystery gadget may be. The soon to be former Google-owned company recently scored a trademark for the name “Moto Maxx,” which could possibly be heading to Verizon.

Motorola Mobility Stories July 25, 2014


Another day, another set of leaked Moto X+1 images. Today’s pictures are of a “near-final prototype” build of the device and they manage to reveal some new information about the unannounced handset. For starters, the X+1 is said to have a 5.1-inch display, so it’s a little larger than its predecessor. The device doesn’t have any capacitive buttons and has a loudspeaker below its display, similar to the design of the budget-friendly Moto E.

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Motorola Mobility Stories July 24, 2014


Summer is fading fast and as a way of saying farewell, Motorola Mobility is having a back to school sale on its off-contract Moto X. The entry-level 16GB version of the company’s customizable handset is down to just $300 ($100 savings) and the 32GB model has been reduced to $325 ($125 savings). However, if your app arsenal is heavy and you’re looking for a lot of storage space, you can pick up the 64GB Moto X for $375 ($125 savings).

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Motorola Mobility Stories July 18, 2014

Lenovo IdeaPad K1 (two-up)

Lenovo’s $2.91 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility from Google is still pending regulatory approval, however it looks like the company is already mapping out a new strategy. Despite being one of the world’s largest PC makers, Lenovo is halting the development of Windows tablets under 10 inches in size and migrating its remaining inventory to markets like Brazil, China and Japan where there’s more of a need for low-cost slates.

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Motorola Mobility Stories June 25, 2014

Moto 360 Design Faceoff Winner

Last month, Motorola announced that it was accepting design submissions for watch faces for its Moto 360 smartwatch. We showed you some of the best and most interesting submissions last month, as well, but today, Motorola has finally announced the winner of its contest. In a blog post, Motorola announced that out of the 1,300 submitted designs, David Pascual’s watch face was deemed the best. You can see his design at the top of this page.

Motorola says that Pascual wins one of the very first Moto 360s and the chance for his design to be featured on the watch when it ships. It’s unclear exactly what Pascual has to do for his design to be featured on the watch, but we’re guessing there’s some sort of licensing.

You can view all of the Moto 360 watch face designs on Google+. The Moto 360 is slated to go on sale later this summer.

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Motorola Mobility Stories June 23, 2014

Moto X+1 makes another sketchy appearance, this time enclosed in a case

Although Motorola has yet to formally announce the Moto X+1, we’ve seen our share of alleged photos and videos of this phantom smartphone. Today, however, we’re getting the clearest shot to date of the rumored handset, courtesy of @evleaks. Unlike previous sketchy images, this front and back pair of photos appear to be press renders of the Moto X successor dressed up in some type of case.

Motorola Mobility Stories June 6, 2014


Motorola Mobility really wants you to try its Moto X smartphone and next week you’ll have a chance for an insanely low premium. On Monday, June 9th, for just one penny, Motorola will build you a custom off-contract Moto X and send it to you for a two week trial run. While most retailers and wireless carriers have similar return policies, they typically require a full upfront purchase. The offer is valid for one day only and Motorola warns that quantities will be limited.

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Motorola Mobility Stories May 30, 2014


Motorola Mobility’s journey to becoming a Lenovo-owned company has been filled with changes, but it looks like some of Google’s influence may endure this transition. Pictured above is a purported shot of the long rumored Moto X+1. While the photo’s appearance is quite sketchy, it was posted on the Google+ page of Antony Cheng, a former Motorola product specialist, based out of Hong Kong.

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Motorola Mobility Stories May 19, 2014

Bring on the devs! Moto E added to Motorola’s Bootloader Unlock program

Motorola Mobility’s days as a Google-owned company may be numbered, however this doesn’t mean the outfit is completely severing all ties Mountain View. In fact, the company’s latest smartphone, the Moto E runs a near-vanilla version of Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Perhaps as a way to help its new handset reach its full potential, Motorola has decided to add the Moto E to its Bootloader Unlock program. This decision will most likely bolster support from third-party Android developers, freeing up the device’s hardware for open source platforms like CyanogenMod. Sure, Google and Motorola may soon be parting ways, but it appears that the two companies may still maintain a friendly relationship.

Motorola Mobility Stories May 16, 2014

Photo: USA Today

Photo: USA Today

According to a court filing discovered by Reuters, Apple and Google’s Motorola Mobility unit have agreed to settle their ongoing smartphone patent litigation battle against each other. In a statement, the two companies said that this agreement does not include the ability cross license each other’s patents, but rather the promise to “work together in some areas of patent reform.”

The two tech giants have been battling it out over various patents for several years now, both directly and indirectly. It’s important to note, however, that this agreement is solely between Apple, Google, and its Motorola Mobility unit. This does not apply to any lawsuits between Android device manufacturers, such as Samsung and HTC, and Apple. Although theoretically, it would apply to patents owned by Google that device manufacturers are licensing.

A verdict was reached in the latest Apple v Samsung battle just a few weeks ago, with Apple being ruled as the victor, albeit small. The court ruled that Samsung owed Apple $119 million, which is far less than the $2 billion it was seeking.

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Motorola Mobility Stories May 12, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 9.28.56 PM

Update: If you click the “ALL” option and scroll down, Amazon now lists the LTE model, in both black and white, as shipping June 30th and costing $219.99.

When we reviewed the $179 Moto G earlier this year, we praised nearly every aspect of it. For the price, there was absolutely nothing better than it on the market. The one thing we missed, however, was LTE capability. In order to keep the cost of the device down, Motorola limited it to HSPA+ speeds. Today, however, two new variants of the Moto G have shown up on Amazon. A Black “Universal LTE” model and a white “Universal LTE” model.”

In order to view these variants, you have to visit the standard Amazon product page for the Moto G, then click on the “7 new” link. You’ll then see a list of places to buy the device from, aside from Amazon. At the top of that page is a list of all the variants of the device. Notably, two LTE models are now listed. Clicking on them takes you a standard “We’re sorry” page from Amazon.

According to a separate report out of Engadget Mexico, Motorola is also planning a Ferrari branded Moto G that will likely be red with a yellow Ferrari logo. It will reportedly launch in the second half of 2014.

It could be that this is just a mistake on Amazon’s part and that no LTE models of the Moto G are planned. It could also be, however, that this is a sign of things to come and that Motorola is planning to launch an LTE-capable variant soon. The latter corroborates with recent rumors that Motorola is planning some sort of Moto G successor, to be launched very soon. Either way, we’re going to keep our eye on the Amazon page.

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Perhaps warming up for tomorrow’s big announcement, Motorola Mobility introduced the Twittersphere to @MotorolaIndia, along with a tease for its next device. In addition to a nod to its Indian arm, the company tweeted a picture of a rocket blasting off with a caption that read “BIG day tomorrow!”

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Motorola Mobility Stories May 9, 2014


A picture of a phone listed as the Moto E recently made a brief appearance on Motorola Mexico’s Facebook page, only to be pulled by its publisher. This quick sneak peek gave us a look at what we might see during the company’s media event on May 13th, however the Moto E’s hardware was still pretty much a mystery.

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Motorola Mobility Stories May 2, 2014


A few weeks back rumors surfaced suggesting that Motorola Mobility was working on a device called the Moto X+1. Soon after this claim, additional details about the unannounced handset’s customization options emerged, with rumors of it offering a new leather back plate as an optional design. While we’re still not completely sure what the Moto X+1 might be, recently the mysterious device was spotted in Motorola’s MotoMaker by German mobile blog MobiFlip.

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Motorola Mobility Stories April 22, 2014


History has taught us that manufacturers typically don’t discuss hardware sales and shipments publicly, but some firms will occasionally issue press releases sharing statistics when boasting about success. However, the folks at Motorola Mobility have taken a much more casual approach to outlining its figures. Today, the soon to be Lenovo-owned company tweeted that it shipped 6.5 million devices globally during Q1 of 2014.

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Motorola Mobility Stories February 13, 2014


Last night, it was reported that Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside would be stepping down from his position to become the chief operating officer at cloud storage company Dropbox. Woodside has now confirmed this decision in a blog post on the Official Motorola Blog, saying that he will step down as CEO at the end of March.

Woodside goes on to announce that Jonathan Rosenberg, who was the SVP of Products at Google from 2002 until 2011, will step in as COO at Motorola Mobility on April 1st. Rosenberg worked closely with Woodside and was “intimately involved” with decisions at Motorola. Google Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora will remain Executive Chairman of the Motorola Operating Board and continue to oversee strategy at the company. It looks as if Motorola will be going without a CEO after Woodside leaves, leaving Lenovo with a lot of control.

Woodside says he is leaving Motorola Mobility “in great hands” and that he is immensely proud of what the company has accomplished in the past 18 months. He also notes that he is excited for the next chapter for the company under Lenovo, who purchased it for $3 billion last month.

Dropbox CEO Drew Houston has also issued a statement on the news.

“We’ve long admired Dennis’s leadership at Google and Motorola where he ran multi-billion dollar businesses and built amazing organizations around the world. We’re so happy to welcome Dennis to our team — I can’t imagine a better person to help us bring Dropbox to global scale.”

Read the full resignation letter after the jump:

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Motorola Mobility Stories January 29, 2014


Google CEO Larry Page and Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing

Update: Motorola and Google have both confirmed the acquisition of Motorola by Lenovo for $2.91 billion. Google will, however, retain the “vast majority” of Motorola’s patents. Google CEO Larry Page says that Motorola will be better unitized and more beneficial to Lenovo. This will also give Google more time to drive “innovation across the Android ecosystem.” The deal still has to pass regulatory approval in China and the U.S., and until then, Google says it is business as usual for the two companies.

According a tweet from Reuters reporter Gerry Shih, Lenovo is nearing completion on a deal to purchase Motorola from Google for around $3 billion. A report from China Daily news corroborates Reuters, but claims the deal is closer to the $2 billion mark. China Daily claims that the deal will be announced to the public Thursday morning in Beijing, which is just a few hours from now. Google is also holding an earnings call tomorrow, so it’s very possible that the information will officially drop during the call.

TechCrunch has “confirmed reports” of the acquisition, saying the terms of the deal have not yet been revealed, but that it was around $3 billion. It’s also important to note that the deal includes Motorola Mobility, which Google paid $12.5 billion for, not the entire Motorola company.

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Motorola Mobility Stories November 11, 2013


It’s no secret that Google thinks big when it comes to crazy, innovative technologies, and that appears to be just what the company is doing with its latest patent filing (via The Register). Google’s Motorola Mobility division, a year ago, filed for a patent relating to a temporary neck tattoo that can serve as a lie detector and includes a built-in microphone. It’s an incredibly out-there concept. Essentially, Motorola says you will be able to apply the tattoo with a sticky substance to your neck and wirelessly connect it to a mobile device.

The patent application suggests a couple of potential use cases. For one, Google points out that it could be used by security personnel that work undercover or in noisy environments. The application reads:

Mobile communication devices are often operated in noisy environments. For example, large stadiums, busy streets, restaurants, and emergency situations can be extremely loud and include varying frequencies of acoustic noise. Communication can reasonably be improved and even enhanced with a method and system for reducing the acoustic noise in such environments and contexts.

Google also suggests that it could be used in conjunction with a lie detector to tell when a user is speaking falsely, based on skin response.

Optionally, the electronic skin tattoo 200 can further include a galvanic skin response detector to detect skin resistance of a user. It is contemplated that a user that may be nervous or engaging in speaking falsehoods may exhibit different galvanic skin response than a more confident, truth telling individual.

Obviously this Google neck tattoo is still in the early stages of development, but it does raise some interesting questions as to what else Google is secretly working on.  expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories October 18, 2013


Update: Google did it

After-hours trading saw Google’s stock price jump 8 percent to $959.65 as investors responded to its 23 percent revenue gain in its Q3 results. This potentially puts the stock in sight of the exclusive $1000 per share club, reports the Telegraph …  expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories October 17, 2013

Motorola makes a play for iPhone users with one-step iCloud migration tool

Motorola appears to be making a play for iPhone users, launching a tool yesterday to allow an iPhone user to easily transfer their contacts and calendars from iCloud to a Google account, ready for use on an Android phone.

The option has been added to the Moto Maker customization tool for the Moto X handset, which allows buyers to choose from 32 color combinations.

Transferring contacts and calendar appointments between platforms is, of course, nothing new: both Samsung and HTC offer tools to help import data from an iPhone. We also doubt too many iPhone users will be tempted to switch to a mid-range Android handset, even if it does come with many more color options than the iPhone 5c.

But the wording of Google’s announcement suggests it may be the first step in a more aggressive move on the iOS market by parent company Google. In his Google+ post, Motorola Mobility VP Punit Soni commented:

We added the ability to migrate your iPhone contacts and calendar to the Moto X (from There is a long way to go, but its a start…

The tool was created by Mark/Space, a company with a lengthy track-record in mobile synchronization, dating back to 2001.

Via GigaOM

Motorola Mobility Stories July 22, 2013

Job listing suggests Motorola getting more serious about wearables

A job listing spotted by TechCrunch suggests that Google-owned Motorola Mobility is stepping up its work on wearable computing, seeking a senior director of industrial design for wearables.

Motorola is no stranger to wearable devices, with eyewear dating back to Windows CE. A fitness-orientated smartwatch called MotoActv (above) launched last year got good reviews but had limited commercial success, likely because low-key marketing meant many didn’t even know it existed. It was essentially a full-on Android device on the wrist, with Bluetooth connectivity to a smartphone and ANT+ communication with fitness sensors like heart-rate monitors and bicycle cadence meters.

Motorola Solutions also has the HC1, a kind of cyborg-styled Google Glass equivalent aimed at the enterprise and public service sector. For police applications, Motorola suggested that the device could be equipped with both facial-recognition software and automated license plate recognition, displaying any reports on both vehicle and owner.

Given that the same functionality would be possible in the much less obtrusive package of Glass, it will be interesting to see whether that particular project survives – and, indeed, how Google sees the role of Motorola more generally in the wearables arena.

Motorola Mobility Stories July 11, 2013


The WSJ is reporting (via Techmeme) that Google is planning to allow Motorola to spend up to half a billion dollars to promote its forthcoming flagship smartphone, the Moto X. This would mean Motorola would spend more on promoting one handset than either Samsung or Apple spent in total last year across all their mobile devices.

Google is expected to allow its Motorola hardware unit to spend several hundred million dollars—and possibly upward of $500 million—to market the highly-anticipated device in the U.S. and some overseas markets, including in Europe, said people familiar with the matter.

All four major U.S. wireless carriers—AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless, Sprint Nextel Corp., and T-Mobile—are expected to make the device available to their customers this fall, in part because of Motorola’s marketing plans …  expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories June 26, 2013


Since it was purchased by Google, Motorola has been undergoing a major shift as a company. We’ve seen very few devices released over the last year, and up until the D11 conference, everyone inside the company had been very quiet. As part of the overhaul, however, Motorola looks to have a new logo. The new logo made its first appearance on the site of Techweek, an event Motorola is co-sponsoring this week. Now, this does make us wonder if the logo is here to stay or if it just for the conference, but we’re inclined to say that it’s here for good. Companies don’t change their logos all that often, as they are not something taken lightly.

The new logo is much simpler than Motorola’s old look, which was a bolded, italicized “MOTOROLA.” Now, everything is in lowercase font with a much softer color. The classic red “M” is now the same color as everything else and is surrounded by a wheel of colors. The most notable change, however, is what is underneath. To show off its new bosses, Motorola is now advertising that it is “a Google company.”  expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories March 8, 2013

Google-MotorolaWe heard in October that Google had plans to further reduce Motorola’s workforce after cutting around 20 percent, or roughly 4,000 jobs, in August. The Wall Street Journal reported today on an email from Google that confirmed the company is beginning to cut around 1,200 employees (a little over 10 percent of its current total headcount):

Motorola MSI -0.74% staffers were informed by the company via email this week that “while we’re very optimistic about the new products in our pipeline, we still face challenges.” The company email added that “our costs are too high, we’re operating in markets where we’re not competitive and we’re losing money.”

As for where the cuts might take place, we previously reported that Motorola, which was unprofitable for 14 of its last 16 quarters, planned to reduce its operations in Asia and India, but today’s report said the layoffs would hit workers in the United States, China, and India. Google also warned that further restructuring might be necessary and significant costs could be involved.

In a recent piece from The Wall Street Journal highlighting Google executives’ fear that Samsung is gaining too much dominance, Android chief Andy Rubin said the purchase of Motorola was “a kind of insurance policy against a manufacturer such as Samsung gaining too much power over Android.”

Motorola Mobility Stories February 26, 2013

Samsung-Galaxy-S3While Google might be happy with the mobile ad revenue Samsung brings in shipping roughly 40 percent of the devices running Android, The Wall Street Journal said Google execs worry behind closed doors that Samsung could use its dominance to renegotiate its cut of revenue from mobile ads and search:

Google executives worry that Samsung has become so big—the South Korean company sells about 40% of the gadgets that use Google’s Android software—that it could flex its muscle to renegotiate their arrangement and eat into Google’s lucrative mobile-ad business, people familiar with the matter said.

Citing its usual “people familiar with the matter,” WSJ claimed executives at Google are betting on companies like HTC and HP to release compelling Android devices that compete with Samsung. According to the report, Android chief Andy Rubin discussed the situation at a recent event for Google executives. He described Motorola as “a kind of insurance policy against a manufacturer such as Samsung gaining too much power over Android.” expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories October 9, 2012

It is no secret that Mountain View-based Google has been in a flurry of legal proceedings over its Android operating system—along with the OEMs that use it. Consequently, Google has been vocal in the past about how it wants to change the patent system in the United States. Adding to the attempt of reform, in an interview with reporters in Seoul this afternoon, Google Legal Chief David Drummond called for a reform of how software patents are issued.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Drummond talked about making it more difficult to obtain a software patent as one possible solution. He spoke about other countries, specifically: “There are places in the world where you can’t get a software patent, or at least it’s harder, like Europe. We think that’s probably the better way to go.” Many others have also voiced a similar opinion.

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Motorola Mobility Stories October 8, 2012

Motorola Mobility apparently yanked all tablets and most smartphones from its German store.

According to the company’s online German store (translated), just three devices are available for purchase: the Motorola Razr I, the Motorola Razr HD, the Motorola Gleam+. Meanwhile, there are absolutely no Motorola tablets for sale through the website  (translated).

Tech news website ZDNet first noticed the lacking selection of Android-powered devices from Google-owned Motorola, and it blamed the insufficient stock on “aggressive and successful litigation” against the company in recent months:

The mobile hardware maker has suffered a series of defeats in German courts after the firm was accused of patent infringement by software giant Microsoft. However, Motorola recently batted one victory to the back of the cage proving that Microsoft’s litigious advances were not fool-proof.

A German regional court ruled earlier this week that a patent belonging to the Redmond, WA.-based company was not infringed by Motorola. In spite of Motorola’s recent victory against Microsoft’s claims, the previous injunctions remain in place.

Apple also had a hand to play in the ongoing playbook against Motorola after the phone maker infringed a European patents belonging to Apple, a software feature described as a ‘rubber-banding’ patent.

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Motorola Mobility Stories October 5, 2012

According to the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany, Motorola Mobility does not infringe on a Microsoft patent enabling a “method and radio interface layer comprising a set of application programming interfaces (APIs).” The patent, which Reuters described as allowing “applications to work on different handsets,” is considered a rare victory for Google’s Motorola. Throughout its countersuits, Microsoft has been able to win three patent cases against Motorola in Germany. As noted by Microsoft-funded blogger Florian Mueller, “Microsoft should actually thank Motorola for this initiative, which at this stage has been far more productive for Microsoft than for Google.”

Microsoft is expected to appeal the decision, as usual, but the Judge Voss did not go over the reasoning behind the ruling during the announcement. Microsoft’s associate general counsel David Howard provided a statement to Reuters:

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Motorola Mobility Stories September 13, 2012

Droid Razr M lands on Verizon’s 4G LTE network today for $99 with contract

Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility unveiled its new line of Droid Razr smartphones just last week, and now the Droid Razr M is officially available at Verizon Wireless for $99 on a two-year contract.

Check it out: Verizon Wireless

We recently reviewed the device and dubbed it our “favorite little Droid.”  It packs a Super Amoled Advanced 4.3-inch display with 40 percent more screen real estate and a 40 percent more powerful battery than the Apple iPhone 4S. It also notably features a Corning Gorilla Glass display, DuPont Kevlar fiber and a splash-guard coating on the outside, while the software on the inside comes equipped with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich (with an upgrade to Jelly Bean by “the holidays”) and access to Google Play. It also touts Chrome for Android, Google Maps, Voice Actions for Android, Google, YouTube, and an easy-to-use tutorial for interactive help with customization

Additional premium specs include 4G LTE and NFC capability, a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, 1 GB RAM, 8-megapixel camera with LED flash and 1080p HD recording, front-facing camera for video chatting, mobile Hotspot and a microSD card slot with support for up to 32 GB. The Droid Razr M comes in either “sleek black” or “stand out white.”

The new Razr M commercial:


In related news, Motorola also released a new Razr Maxx HD commercial (below):

Motorola Mobility Stories July 25, 2012

A new report from The Wall Street Journal today, citing an SEC filing, noted Google has put an exact value on the patents acquired in its purchase of Motorola Mobility. In the filing, Google claimed “patents and developed technology” acquired in the deal were valued at $5.5 billion—less than half of the $12.4 billion Google paid for the company.

Google also broke down the rest of the purchase price in the SEC filing: expand full story

Motorola Mobility Stories July 17, 2012

As noted in a report from Ars Technica, the ITC’s import ban on Motorola Android devices is set to kick in tomorrow. It covers 18 Motorola products infringing patents related to Microsoft’s Exchange Active Sync technology. Motorola, of course, has the option to pay Microsoft to license the patent, as it has in the past, but the company told Ars in a statement that it plans to continue selling its flagship devices in the U.S. following tomorrow’s ban:

“In view of the ITC exclusion order which becomes effective Wednesday with respect to the single ActiveSync patent upheld in Microsoft’s ITC-744 proceeding, Motorola has taken proactive measures to ensure that our industry leading smartphones remain available to consumers in the US,” Motorola said. “We respect the value of intellectual property and expect other companies to do the same.”

The following Motorola devices are covered by the ITC ruling: the Motorola Atrix, Backflip, Bravo, Charm, Cliq, Cliq 2, Cliq XT, Defy, Devour, Droid 2, Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, Droid X, Droid X2, Flipout, Flipside, Spice, and Xoom.

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Motorola Mobility Stories June 25, 2012

Google attempts to block US iPhone & iPad shipments over 3G patents


Update: report from Bloomberg Businessweek confirmed with some clarification. As we reported in April, the ITC will have to review Judge Pender’s previous ruling that Apple infringed on one Motorola patent related to industry standard 3G and wireless technologies. The date for that hearing is now scheduled for August 24 and could result on a block of iOS devices from Asia to the United States:

The U.S. International Trade Commission said it will review ITC Judge Thomas Pender’s findings that Apple was violating one of four Motorola Mobility patents. The commission is scheduled to issue a final decision on Aug. 24, and has the power to block devices made in Asia from entering the U.S.

According to several tweets from financial analyst @zerohedge, Google is apparently attempting to block shipments of the iPhone and iPad in the U.S. related to 3G patents. We do not have any more information at the moment, but we will keep you updated as the story unfolds…


CNBC reported a Reuters story of the same nature.



Motorola Mobility Stories June 8, 2012

Motorola announced its Dinara smartphone— officially known as the “xT928” – for China Telecom last November, but a supposed press leak of the AT&T variation just surfaced stateside.

The Verge received a media shot of the rumored device today (above). As the report noted, the assumed Atrix 2 successor boasts a 720p display, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and 4G LTE. The notable feature, however, is not really a feature at all: the Dinara lacks physical home buttons on the front display. Much is unknown about the smartphone this point; even its name is not set in stone. However, the “July 26” stamp within the date widget might finally give a hint as to when this device will launch.

Google closed its $12.5 billion Motorola Mobility acquisition last Month when China gave the merger an overdue go-ahead. Motorola promptly filed an 8-K form with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the deal’s transaction finalized shortly after. It appears the Dinara’s software and user-interface is unaffected by the recent Google buyout and will likely sport a Motoblur flavor.

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