Google is now deploying an update for its Google My Business Android app that makes it easier for business owners to reply to customer reviews. With this revamped software, entrepreneurs can track customer critiques in real-time on the web, allowing them to address praise or complaints in a timely manner directly from their mobile device.

Once someone posts a review of your business, Google’s app will send an alert to your mobile device, making you aware of the new feedback right away. Like most people today, business owners are on the move and almost always connected to their smartphone. This new functionality makes it possible for them to respond to customer questions and issues no matter where they are.

Lastly, Google also announced that its Adwords Express Android app is now available to 20 additional countries. Now connected to the company’s Google My Business app, a snapshot of your organization’s top stats are on display and a more detailed view is available in Adwords Express. Google says these new enhancements are rolling out over the next few days for Android users, with iOS support being added a later time.

(via Google and Your Business)

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