Google Business Profile Stories June 22

As Pride month continues, Google is adding support for an LGBTQ+ owned attribute to Business Profiles that appear in Search and Maps. 

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Google Business Profile Stories December 2, 2021

Healthcare providers in Google Search, Maps can now list which insurance they accept

Over the past year, Google listings have gained more attributes and details to better let potential customers learn about a place before visiting. Google Maps, as well as Search, is now letting healthcare providers identify which insurance they accept. 

Google Business Profile Stories November 4, 2021

As the holiday shopping season gets under way early this year due to supply concerns, Google today announced its latest tools for local shops, including a renamed “Business Profile.”

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Google Business Profile Stories June 21, 2021

The Google-created International Small Business Week is now in its second year, and various teams from across the company are launching new features to celebrate. This includes a Pixel-specific Google Pay promo when shopping at small businesses, faster YouTube ad campaign creation, and three free months of Pointy from Google.

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Google Business Profile Stories August 13, 2020

Google makes it easier to access My Business tools in Search, Maps

In recent months, Google has rolled out a number of tools and initiatives to help SMBs navigate the lack of in-person business and come online. The latest makes it easier for them to update Business Profiles directly from Google Maps and Search.

Google Business Profile Stories July 30, 2020

Last month, CEO Sundar Pichai said that Google would “develop initiatives and product ideas that support long-term solutions” for the Black community. One of these efforts is a way for Black-owned businesses to identify themselves in Google Maps and Search, with that attribute launching today.

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Google Business Profile Stories June 25, 2020

Google opens up Business Messages in Maps and Search

Back in 2018, Google Maps for Android and iOS introduced a way for customers to directly contact stores. Google today is expanding Business Messages in Maps and adding more functionality.

Google Business Profile Stories June 4, 2020

Google’s My Business portal is adding a new feature that’s useful for business owners and customers alike: new types of business hours that can be displayed on Google Maps and other products for different aspects of the business.

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Google Business Profile Stories May 27, 2020

Local businesses are struggling amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic due to decreased foot traffic and sales. Many have turned to selling gift cards as a means for customers to offer additional support, with Google soon allowing affected businesses to link to such donation methods on their public listings.

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Google Business Profile Stories May 11, 2020

In the craziness of a world affected by the coronavirus pandemic, e-commerce has become more popular than ever and has also led to hefty delays in shipping. To help customers find products locally, Google is now showing a “curbside pickup” badge for local shopping ads.

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Google Business Profile Stories March 25, 2020

Many businesses depend on Google Maps and Search to drive customers to their locations, but during the coronavirus outbreak, many businesses have had to shut down temporarily. Now, Google Maps is adding a “temporarily closed” option for these businesses.

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Google Business Profile Stories March 24, 2020

Google limits My Business listings during coronavirus outbreak, affects updates, more

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — is unprecedented in modern history and is taking a huge toll on businesses of all sizes. Recently, Google announced that its My Business listings would be affected during the coronavirus outbreak — here’s what you need to know.

Google Business Profile Stories March 9, 2020

Google Maps is a useful place to find information about local businesses, and now, Google has encouraged businesses affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak to make their potential customers aware by updating their listings.

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Google Business Profile Stories June 21, 2019

A recent investigation by The Wall Street Journal claims that there are potentially millions of fake business listings being shown on Google Maps. Since this report, Google has responded by acknowledging the problem and detailing steps on how they are tackling these fake business listings.

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Google Business Profile Stories June 20, 2019

The Google My Business tool lets shop and restaurant owners customize listings that appear in Google Maps and Search. Google today announced a slew of new features to make Profiles stand out to customers.

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Google Business Profile Stories June 7, 2018

Google My Business adds ‘Product’ and ‘Offer’ post categories

Google’s My Business service is an incredibly powerful tool for business owners to get their information out to the public, and one of its great aspects is that of posts. This week, Google is adding new categories to that feature.

Google Business Profile Stories May 14, 2018

Google now notifies users via email when businesses respond to their online reviews

Online reviews can make or break a business in some cases, and Google is one of the top places people go to leave feedback. Now, Google is making it possible for customers to be notified if a business replies to their review.

Google Business Profile Stories March 21, 2018

Google My Business rolling out updated dashboard w/ new UI and improved navigation

Google’s My Business dashboard is a powerful tool for local business owners, as it gives them all the various tools they need to manage their online presence. Now, after announcing the change a while back, an updated version of that dashboard is rolling out.

Google Business Profile Stories December 28, 2017

Google now blocks ex-employees from leaving negative reviews of businesses

Employee turnover is a part of every business, but even once a troublesome employee is gone, they can still cause trouble for the business they formerly worked at. For many businesses, negative online reviews from those employees often caused trouble, but now, Google is finally attempting to block those.

Google Business Profile Stories October 23, 2017

‘Reserve with Google’ gets easier set up and new tools ahead of expansion to restaurants and more countries

An extremely powerful tool for businesses is their listing on Google Search. Not only do customers turn here for directions, hours of operation, and general information, but it’s often the only place they turn. Over the summer, Google added “Reserve with Google” to make this tool even more powerful, and now that program is getting an upgrade.

Google Business Profile Stories April 15, 2015


Google’s Update Wednesday routine is in full swing today with a variety of updates rolling out to the company’s apps. Earlier today, Chrome 42 for Android made its was to the Play Store. Now, several other Google apps have been updated. Google has pushed updates to its Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Google My Business apps. The company also today released Android for Work app to the Play Store.

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Google Business Profile Stories October 29, 2014


Google is now deploying an update for its Google My Business Android app that makes it easier for business owners to reply to customer reviews. With this revamped software, entrepreneurs can track customer critiques in real-time on the web, allowing them to address praise or complaints in a timely manner directly from their mobile device.

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Google Business Profile Stories June 11, 2014

Google, in a post on its “Google and Your Business” blog, has just unveiled a new service for small business. Dubbed Google My Business, the service is essentially a central location for small business owners to control how their businesses appear in Google search results, Maps, and more.

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