Both IDC (above) and Strategy Analytics (below) produced their smartphone maketshare numbers for Q4 and both show Apple and Samsung in a neck and neck race for total Smartphone sales for the holiday quarter. Notably Samsung’s numbers are down 11% while Apple’s are up 46% in year over year. Android folks shouldn’t be too alarmed however because the smaller Android makers are more than making up for Samsung’s demise with Lenovo/Motorola up 78%, Huawei up 42% and Xiaomi up a whopping 178%. Even the ‘others’ which include a rising LG were up 30% year over year.

Also, we shouldn’t forget that Apple stacks its announcements for the Christmas quarter while Samsung and HTC and the others stagger their announcements throughout the year.  Speaking of which, we’re expecting both Samsung and HTC to announce their flagship devices at next month’s Mobile World Congress. 


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