Yota Devices wants to bring the YotaPhone 2 to the United States, and today they launched an Indiegogo campaign to help accomplish that goal. The unique smartphone, which notably sports “two fronts,” brings the convenience of a fully-customizable always-on ePaper display. And the American market has apparently seen the benefits of the rear display, including saved battery life and more, because the phone has almost passed its funding goal in the first couple of hours…

Yota touts many reasons why you would want this phone, perhaps most important the ability to get up to five days of rear screen time on a single charge. The screen is great for reading both books and content online, and it looks great in direct sunlight. Additionally, the screen can serve as an always-on hub for quick-access information, like currently-playing music, email notifications, the time, weather updates, and more.

As was announced earlier this month, Yota is also introducing a new white model to fit your design preferences. The company is also working on getting Lollipop to the device, packing refreshed design in the phone’s YotaHub, YotaCover, and YotaEnergy features as well as others. The first 100 people to back the phone can get it for $500 (unlocked, obviously), while others (during the first 48 hours) will have to pitch in $525. The rest are stuck with a $550 price tag.

The campaign was supposed to launch in April, but now you can head over to Indiegogo to check out all the details.

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